Interesting facts from the life of Kim Kardashian, which you did not know

TV star Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked-about people in show business. Her name is always heard, her photos on the best glossy publications. The details of her life are known to millions thanks to the world press, the scandalous video of her participation, the reality show "The Kardashian Family", "Dances with the Stars", as well as other sources of all kinds. But despite this, in this compilation we tried to gather facts that, most likely, not everyone knows and which can be interesting.

1. Kim openly admitted that she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Therefore, she cannot, for example, take a shower if the cleanliness of the bathroom does not seem perfect to her. Despite the fact that hired maids work in her house, she often suggests cleanliness in the house herself. She also has a passion for keeping the refrigerator in the manner in which she conducts a daily audit of products.

2. Despite the image of a glamorous and frivolous lady, Kim went to school perfectly and even overtook her classmates in Spanish. That year, they studied with their elder sister, Courtney, who, on the contrary, had to stay for the second year. According to the star itself, she remembers this year with special tenderness and awe.


3. Kim's helpers and relatives are well aware that on any journey and even a short trip, the star will definitely take a blanket and a pillow. This rule applies to all modes of transport, including airplanes and high-speed trains. By the way, Kim sleeps with his eyes slightly open, and this frightens many.


4. If Kim would not have become what she had become and would not have gained such fame, then perhaps she would become a stylist. Previously, she worked as a stylist for various TV shows and projects, and was responsible for the wardrobe of such stars as Nicole Richie and Cindy Crawford. In the list of Kardashian singer Brandi also managed to be noted.

5. In the spring of 2012, Kim launched the long-awaited personalized line of perfume lines. The event took place in one of the nightclubs of West Hollywood. While the newly-made perfumer was happy to communicate with the press, a girl jumped out of the crowd and sprinkled flour on the star. The hooligan turned out to be a protector of animals and thus expressed dissatisfaction with Kim's addiction to fur. In September 2014, Kim survived another attack. At the high fashion week in Paris, the famous brawler Vitaly Serdyuk pounced on the girl when she left the car. He pulled the beauty by the hair and even tried to bring it down to the ground, but fortunately Mrs. West came to the rescue of the guards.


6. Once upon a time Kim Kardashian was the best girlfriend of Paris Hilton. It was the rich heiress who had brought about the then unknown girl. However, their friendship came to an end when Paris felt that her friend overshadowed her.

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