Matrix is ​​back

Shooting a new film on the universe of «The Matrix» should begin in 2020 in Chicago. Sisters Wachowski, who created the original film trilogy, will be involved in the work on the new film. There is no information yet whether the new film will be a remake or a sequel to a famous story. The project is under development under the name «Project Ice Cream». It is expected that Michael Bakary Jordan should play the main role instead of Keanu Reeves. In May, director Chad Stahelski, who worked as understudy Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy, said in an interview: «I am very pleased that Wachowski does not just make The Matrix, but expands the world that I love so much». He also added that he would like to participate in the new project. Fans perceived the cue as a teaser for the new film, but after that the representative Stahelski explained that the phrase had been taken out of context and incorrectly filed. The original «Matrix» was released in 1999. The continuation of the two parts was presented to the public in 2003. The trilogy tells the story of a future in which reality familiar to humanity is a simulation created by intelligent machines.

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