Tom Hardy will star in a sequel to "Venom"

Fantastic comic blockbuster «Venom» will be continued. Reports about it Entertainment Weekly. The main role is officially approved by Tom Hardy. «Tom Hardy will return and play this character as great as anyone else. When you think of Venome, you cannot imagine anyone else except Tom Hardy sitting in a lobster tank», - said picture producer Amy Pascal. According to Pascal, the commercial success of the previous tape is largely due to the brilliant acting game Hardy. The producer also added that Sony Pictures also did a good job of building a franchise around the character. When will begin shooting a sequel, is still unknown. It is reported that Tom has signed a contract to shoot in two new films, which means that Venom will have a trilogy. Recall that after the release in the Russian box office in the fall of 2018, «Venom» became the most successful Sony film.

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