Wrinkled clothes, heavy makeup and a plastic bag: 11 bad tips to make sure you look bad

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Instead of once again writing how not to do it, we decided to go from the opposite for clarity. Together with stylist Alena Galkina, we have prepared the most incorrect style tips for you (but at the end they explained how not to get into such situations).

1. Get ready at the last minute
Do not prepare a set of clothes in the evening: we are no longer at school and can afford a glass of wine at the end of the working day or another episode of our favorite series. And in the morning we improvise.

In adulthood, in addition to banal fatigue, force majeure and unexpected proposals for the evening happen.

  • In such cases, a well-thought-out wardrobe will help you quickly get together:

- things are hung by color and sorted according to seasonality;
- everything is pre-ironed and in good condition (clothes requiring repair or dry cleaning should be stored separately);
- do not keep items in the closet in case "when I lose weight / gain weight / get rich."
- weigh the basic things separately, it is easiest to compose images with them;
- ideal if you have photos of finished bows.

Source: mykaleidoskop

2. Never remove the pellets.

And also do not remove small spots, ignore protruding threads, torn off buttons and holes. This is your life and everything has happened in it, and clothes should reflect the history and personality of the owner. It is out of the question to remove the hair of a beloved animal. He's a member of the family!

  • Keep sticky tape and a spool remover close at hand, preferably somewhere near your closet or where you dress.


Source: Wday, Vogue

3. Pay no attention to underwear
It is under the clothes, which means that no one sees it. Wear whatever you like. Or what is.

  • The wrong choice of underwear spoils the figure: digging straps visually “cut” the shape. A correctly selected set hides figure flaws, improves the silhouette and raises self-esteem, and this is already half the battle on the way to perfection.

Source: bustomagia

And remember that only beige underpants are not visible under white trousers. It is not for nothing that manufacturers are already experimenting with skin tones in full, so that everyone can choose a kit for themselves.

4. To look status, choose light-colored clothes

White is always refreshing, besides it is the most demanding color to care for. So show everyone what a neat person you are: put on the shirt that you wore back in school. It hasn't even collapsed yet!

  • Periodically audit white things. If it is difficult to understand their shade at first glance, put a sheet of plain A4 paper next to it, you will immediately see whether it has turned gray, whether the thing has turned yellow or is still in good condition.


Source: modnica, lisa

5. And if all white clothes are in the wash, dress in black from head to toe

Firstly, it is hard to drabble. Secondly, so all designers do! Watch any fashion show.

  • To make total-black sets look interesting, not mournful, you need to combine several different textures. For example, a silk blouse, cotton trousers and a leather jacket. It is ideal to add a detail of a great color, such as a white collar, colored accessories or bright lipstick. Red is a timeless classic.


Source: glamor

6. Forget about accessories!

You are not a gypsy baron. If you really want to - leave a wedding ring, that's enough. Nothing beautifies a woman like marriage. You can also have tiny studs with diamonds: these are your best friends, and you don’t need to take care of them.

  • Decorations in images work like spices: they emphasize the taste and make the final result more interesting, and sometimes give it a completely unexpected sound. You can ignore them according to the same principle as spices when cooking - if the product itself is already a work of art, has a bright taste and you do not want to interrupt it with anything. In other words, this doesn't happen very often.

And, of course, jewelry must be looked after: store each in a separate bag, wipe after each use.


Source: lmbd, onebyone

7. The main thing in shoes is practicality

Don't buy bright, fashionable shoes. You can kill yourself in heels, but you can only rub calluses with tiny belts. And in general, “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, no one looks at the feet. Shoes are the main component of the look. A good pair can take a t-shirt and jeans combo to a whole new level of fashion.

  • ОShoes are the main component of the image. A good pair can take a t-shirt and jeans combo to a whole new level of fashion.


Source: alimentola, marie claire

8. A bag is needed only if there are no longer free space in pockets

However, you can get by with a package. In order not to be considered a redneck, go to a fashion boutique and ask for a package at the checkout for free. Believe me, 5 minutes of shame are worth it to flaunt the streets of the city with a cool accessory!

  • Leave the idea of ​​one versatile bag that goes with everything. It would be nice to have several copies in the wardrobe, but which ones depends on your life situations. For example, if you do not go to theaters and social events, then a small hand-held clutch is useless to you personally.


Source: livemaster, tvid

9. Good makeup - total makeup

Look at these beautiful palettes and tubes! In addition, they perfectly mask all imperfections, so it is no longer necessary to monitor the condition of the skin.

  • Makeup - like jewelry - is more like a magic wand and a cherry on the cake, and not a panacea. A good and thoughtful one makes the image complete, it gives zest to simple combinations. But he is not able to completely save the bow. It is worth covering up redness, inflammation and other skin irregularities only in emergency measures (yes, it also seems to us that these pimples know something about our schedule with how out of time they appear). In other cases, it is preferable to invest in skin care cosmetics, rather than decorative ones.


Source: thevoicemag, lisa

10. It is better to do a high-quality manicure with a coating once every 3 months than just to put your nails in order every month.

The design, too, choose the most artsy and bright, so that everyone can see that you can afford everything. After that, do not rush to remove the coating after 2-3 weeks. You didn’t spend so much time choosing color and pattern for this.

  • With manicure and nail art, the situation is exactly the same as with make-up: colored nails can be the highlight of the image, but everything is good in moderation. The general rule is this: beauty is synonymous with health and nothing more beautiful than a well-groomed, shiny nail plate has yet been invented.


Source: lenta, elle girl

11. Buy dresses, trousers and shorts only those that come with a belt

First of all, it's free. Secondly, the manufacturer knows better which accessory fits the product better.

  • The solution is very simple: replace the belt with a leather belt. You can even choose separately.


Source: elis, house

We wish you sylish looks!

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