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5 bright sweatshirts for the spring

When spring arrives, we all want to diversify our wardrobe and add bright colors and carefree prints to it. Oversized sweatshirts and hoodies replace the cashmere turtlenecks and sweaters and will stay with us until next winter. If last year we preferred minimalism and relied on discreet colors and comfort, this season it's different. Vivid shades, reminiscent of multi-colored candy canes and models with prints, come to the fore. As for the sayings, they can be abstract, expressing your mood, showing brand names or cartoon Disney characters that adorn the clothes of not only children but also their parents. In the end, it will soon be summer, so it's time to tune in to rest, bright impressions, and happy sunny days. We assure you that this is much easier to do with such bright and sort of childish sweatshirts.