5 Turkish Clothing Brands, Worth Paying Attention To

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5 fashion brands from Turkey, that stand against the stereotypes, win the hearts of fashionistas around the world and change the understanding of Turkish fashion and everything that is made in Turkey.

Ozlem Suer

Designer Ozlem Suer was born in Istanbul and has been interested in fine art and fashion since childhood. Her favorite hobby was to sew clothes for dolls, and over time, this cute hobby turned into a lifelong profession.

The girl founded her clothing brand Ozlem Suer at the age of 23 right after graduating from Textile University. The first few years, the brand participated only in Turkish shows, but in 2002, Ozlem brought her collection to Dusseldorf. Later, she held shows in Tokyo, Milan, London, Paris and Berlin and gained the world-wide fame.

Before starting to work on new sketches, Ozlem Suer travels a lot and looks for something unusual, the details of which are then reproduced in her collections. She says that the key point of her brand is the technique of comparing opposites: tradition and modernity, fragility and strength, technology and naturalness. Living the dream of her childhood, the girl sews wedding and evening dresses from taffeta, silk, velvet and the finest lace, in which she tries to reflect the aesthetics of her native country, but without stereotypical luxury, but with tenderness and dignity.


The history of the Turkish luxury brand Vakko began in 1934, when its founder Vitali Hakko opened his first shop "Charming hats" in Istanbul. Over the years, the designer, who is now called the "father of Turkish fashion", managed to expand production and to glorify it all over the world.

In 1955, the brand held its first fashion show and started collaborating with other fashion houses, supplying them with fabrics with exclusive prints. The production of hats is a distant past: now, the brand’ designers work on casual women's and men's clothing, releasing new collections every two years. They do this not only in order to support the trend for awareness and sustainable consumption, but also to think through every look to the smallest detail. In addition, Vakko develop a line of luxury wedding dresses – their design combines the European restraint and Turkish elegance.

Working with natural wool, silk, cotton and leather, the brand creates casual and evening wear for women and men who appreciate the classics, but want to add playfulness - not to have a hint of sadness and seriousness in their wardrobe. In the collections, you can find colorful pantsuits, dresses with feathers, coats and knitwear. By the way, the brand manufactures its handbags and shoes, made of leather, as well as home goods, tea, coffee and chocolate.


Turkish women's clothing brand Machka was founded in 2004, after designers, Ayse Ege and Dice Kayek, signed a contract with the country’s largest company Ayaydin & Miroglio. Their collection in the style of post romanticism become Turkey's first samples of high fashion, and glorified the brand all over the world.

Their collections include long-sleeve shirts, Palazzo pants, suits, midi skirts, wool coats and trench coats. In general, designers follow a monochromatic color palette, but sometimes take a risk by mixing different prints in one look, playing with complex draping and silhouettes. Often, Machka’s items are decorated with layered ruffles and flounces, that give volume and lightness, as well as patch pockets, peplum and bows.

Not so long ago, the brand has its own line of accessories - now it includes massive brooches with beads and crystals. They can be fixed to white shirts, oversized jackets and coats, adding a touch of conviviality and Oriental luxury to the restrained looks.


Turkish clothing brand Ipekyol, designed for girls from 25 to 35 years, due to the high quality and versatile style, won the love of fashionistas around the world. Every season, the brand presents a new collection, which in addition to formal and casual outfits includes bags, shoes and modern accessories

According to founders, its main principle is attention to detail and elegance. Designers create clothes for girls who often move around the city, work a lot, attend business meetings and negotiations, but still retain their softness and femininity. In the brand’s collections, you can find monochrome dresses, pantsuits, elongated trench coats and sweaters, which are adorned with animalistic prints, lace appliques, pleated fabric and draperies.

Arzu Kaprol

Designer Arzu Kaprol founded her clothing brand in 1998, and for a long time it was sold only in Turkey. In 2011, she brought one of the collections to Paris Fashion Week, where she later opened her first office. Now she creates clothes not only for her brand Arzu Kaprol, but also serves as the creative director of the brand Network.

Arzu compares the creativity of designers with the work of architects, who also must pay attention not only to practicality, but also to aesthetics. Her clothes combine the clear geometry prints and flowing shapelessness of silhouettes, a pastel palette and neon, attention to Turkish traditions and a desire for futurism.

On the brand’s website, you can find not only evening dresses, but also practical jackets and down jackets, leather trousers, turtlenecks, ethnic sundresses and other items that stand out with a complex cut, many small details and prints in the style of optical illusions.

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