5 Ways to Style a White Shirt

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Do you think that a white shirt is boring and too official? Here are 5 ways to style it.

Every season, a white shirt hits runways and red carpets. This piece of wardrobe is appropriate in any situation: at a business lunch, a walk, or even a date. How to look stylish? Easy!

Method #1: to create a multi-layer effect

This season, layering prevails not only on the runways but also in everyday life. A mix of the same clothes is on-trend today. Therefore, while some continue to wear a white shirt as a classic thing, others boldly put on a few shirts at a time. For sure, this option is not suitable for strict office dress code. But on a day off, this look will definitely attract the attention of conservatives.

Method #2: to tuck the shirt in

If a few years ago a classic shirt was extremely trendy, now strict pedantry takes a back seat. Slight carelessness in the look has been a trend for several years. For example, street style stars prefer to tuck only one piece of a white shirt into a skirt or pants. Actress and model Kate Bosworth has long used this stylish technique.

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Method #3: to tie a shirt knot

A white classic shirt is the best option for such a stylish trick. Combined with a skirt with high-waisted jeans or skirt, this shirt will look very impressive.


Method #4: not to button cuffs

Fashion rules are created to be broken. Therefore, one of a stylish trick is not to button cuffs. A voluminous white shirt, dark jeans, V-neck, cuffs casually unbuttoned... it looks more impressive than classics, doesn't it?

Method #5: to combine with overalls

The fact, that white shirt looks perfect with a pencil skirt, goes without saying. Some non-standard combination will help to add a bit of insolence. Sometimes, you may go against the system and put on shirts with those clothing that, at first glance, don’t fit the classic dress code. For example, a black jumpsuit is perfect for this purpose.

White shirts are considered to be one of the most versatile clothes, but there are some pieces of wardrobe that are better not to combine them with. For example, a white shirt and knitted pants are not the best option. Don’t even think of wearing a shirt under a tightest fine-knit sweater. There are combinations that have long been out of fashion. For example, the combination of white shirt with skinny low-waisted jeans and ballet flats is so last century. In any case, don’t buy a white shirt made of polyester or any other unnatural fabrics. Linen shirts are also not the most convenient option: they get bruises, creating an untidy look. The most successful fabric is cotton of medium density.



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