6 secrets of Italian style, that should be adopted

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Expressive and bright Italians are considered to be one of the most stylish women in the world. They’re well versed in fashion, follow current trends and know how to apply them in everyday life. But what stylish techniques tricks do Italians use?

Love of black

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20 Окт 2019 в 8:29 PDT

Italians are fond of black, because it looks stylish and noble at any time of the year, and even days. It’s believed that black not only slims, but also emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. Actress Monica Bellucci is one of the fans of this color. Monica often chooses black outfits for special occasions, but dilutes the total black look with bright accents and accessories.

Experiments with colors

Black is the favorite color of Italian women, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t experiment with other colors. They choose juicy shades that attract attention. Not only young people, but also older women dare to put on expressive or even provocative outfits. For example, Anna Dello Russo in her 57 chooses flashy dresses in bold colors.

Choose classic styles

The Italians are real experts in creating a basic wardrobe. They prefer simple cut and classic styles, that are comfortable in everyday life. The ability to combine clothes correctly is one of the secrets of fashionistas from the sunny country. And they’re able to make even the simplest look of jeans and a white T-shirt interesting and memorable, adding suitable accessories and jewelry. In the photo, blogger and designer Chiara Ferragni shows how stylish ordinary jeans and a white T-shirt look in combination with a hussar jacket. As a true Italian, Ferragni almost never parted with sunglasses: this little detail gives charm to any, even the simplest, look.

Variety of accessories

Italian women are able to skillfully choose accessories for each look. The use of several accents is another technique that is guaranteed to attract attention to them. See how model and TV presenter Cristina Buccino matched the outfit with an elegant bag, adorned with a scarf, and a stylish beret to create a spectacular and catchy look. 

A lot of jewelry in a one look

The Italians love to use several massive jewelries in one look at once. They adhere to the rule that a woman should decorate herself, and it doesn’t matter what it will be – luxurious precious jewelry or less expensive, but stylish. Tiered chains with pendants, several bracelets, unusual earrings are among the popular trends. 

Love for high fasion

Many people have a negative attitude to fast fashion brands. Fast fashion not only harms the environment, but is also known for its low quality and short service life, so many prefer to buy clothes in trusted boutiques and preferably choose Italian brands. It’s also believed that Italian women willingly resort to tailors: one cloth sewn to individual standards, perfectly sits on the figure and replaces ten clothes bought in a store. Here is Livia Giuggioli with her husband Colin Firth in the photo. Livia is an eco-activist and chooses only high-quality clothes produced without harm to nature.

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