Clothes from the 2000s That Went Out of Fashion (and we don't regret it at all)

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Fashion is cyclical. This means that some trends tend to return after some time. We remembered items that were popular in the 2000s and, to our great happiness, are still there.

Clothes with rhinestones

Clothing decorated with rhinestones got left behind. At some point, this trend became so popular that it was almost impossible to find a white T-shirt without a shiny print or black shoes without stoned heels in the stores. In the near future, metallic color and sequins will be trendy, but rhinestones make your clothes look cheaper, and it’s better to hide them as far as possible.

Ugg boots

Of course, we understand that soft and light shoes with flat soles are very suitable for winter, but the only thing you can do in Ugg boots is to get to the nearest store. At one time, some girls so abused these shoes that they combined it with gowns - an impermissible mockery of fashion.

Classic simple Ugg boots can exist in a modern wardrobe, but models decorated with rhinestones and colored embroidery are best to hide in the farthest closet.

High heels

There is nothing bad in a high heel of moderate height, but in combination with a platform it looks vulgar. In addition, such models are harmful to your health. Due to the inconvenient pad, the body weight is not distributed correctly - therefore, the load on the spine increases.

In order to keep up with instantly changing trends and look stylish, it is better to purchase shoes of more classic models. For example, black or dark blue pumps - they will always be on-trend.

Fur vests

Such vests also fade into history. Environmental organizations are fighting to stop the fashion industry using any kind of fur, whether faux or real - both are doing harm to the environment.

Pay your attention to teddy bear coats, they look more stylish and are extremely trendy now.

Low-rise jeans


Extra low-rise jeans are not only unfashionable, but also very uncomfortable. So let’s leave them to young Britney Spears. High-waisted pants are a completely different story, they emphasize the figure and visually lengthen the legs.

By the way, in spite the fact, that some designers try to bring low-cut jeans back into fashion, the trend doesn’t find a second wave of popularity. And if you want to demonstrate the perfect press to the world, it is better to choose simple crop tops, because they survived the fashion crisis of the 2000s and returned to trends again.

Wedge Sneakers

Platform sneakers were brought into fashion by the French designer Isabel Marant. One of the distinguishing features of such shoes is a platform of at least 6 centimeters and Velcro. It is difficult to predict whether the second wave of popularity will come for such shoes, but until then, they have confidently settled in the lists of anti trends.

Alladin’s Pants

Now, Alladin’s pants are appropriate only to go meet the dawn on the nearest Indian beach with a cool Pina Colada in your hands. While in the city, such a model looks ridiculous and evokes associations about a person who ran away from a yoga class.

Knitted boots

There is no outfit that will be able to save knitted boots, and we are sincerely glad that their popularity turned out to be short. We recommend replacing them with classic high-top sneakers, which are presented, for example, by Converse.


These shortened jackets could ruin the proportions of even the most perfect figure, so we will issue them a disappointing verdict: stay in the 2000s!

Thin-Heeled Jackboots

Bright patent leather boots with thin heels have long gone out of fashion.  They were replaced by over the knee boots of free form in pastel shades: beige, dark green, milk. Suede high boots with a low square heel will look more stylish - they can be combined with knitted dresses and a midi skirts with a slit.

Princess’s dresses

Dresses with a fluffy skirt and several layers of fabric are entitled to exist only in Disney cartoons about princesses. Adult girls look ridiculous and infantile in them, if they wear them in everyday life. To look feminine and elegant, such deliberately princess’s outfits are not needed. For example, a dress with a combination of pastel shades will make your look delicate and romantic without too much volume and details.


How wonderful that the fashion for headbands with huge bows and decorated with rhinestones has left behind. It is difficult to imagine an event in which such an accessory would look appropriate. We don’t offer to completely abandon hair decoration - velvet laconic rims and large hairpins are on-trend now. You can find more festive options, decorated with pearls, but you must remember that they shouldn’t be abused in everyday life. Such an accessory is not suitable for the office, but will be perfect for a date or a party.

Micro shorts


Extremely short denim shorts are a real nightmare for every summer season. Such a model can be replaced with elongated loose high-rise shorts or shorts with voluminous patch pockets in Safari style.

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