Color inspiration: Pantone 2020 colors

Our mood, worldview and even physical condition depend on colors that surround us. Major brands and fashion houses are well aware of this fact and skillfully use it when creating their products, as well as new fashion collections. And to help them make the right choice of color, the Pantone Color Institute makes trend forecasts every year for an effective color strategy. So, what colors will be the most fashionable and relevant in the spring and summer of 2020? We've put together some examples of how fashion designers suggest using these colors. Remember that the transmission of color depends on many factors (material, lighting, background color), so it is extremely difficult to achieve 100% hit.

Классические варианты

Brilliant White


Navy Blazer


A new look


Coral Pink

Grape Compote

Mosaic Blue

Faded Denim


Orange Peel

Cinnamon Stick


Classic Blue

Biscay Green

Flame Scarlet


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