Colored tights in spring 2024: we say "yes" to a bright trend

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Tights have been popular among stylists for a few seasons now, and the red ones became the hottest streetstyle trend of 2024. But of course, red isn't the only tights worth your attention.  

Fashion influencers and models wear all kinds of shades: from white to brown, and all kinds of textures: both matte and sparkling, laced, with patterns and prints. 

However, many people have no idea how to wear them. According to the fashion shows and the designers' tips, we suggest you try the following combinations and not to stay away from this bright trend. 



As they do not stick out very much, you can easily add  them to any outfit. They look especially good with classic or Glam Rock styles. 



These ones will be the perfect finishing touch for "girly" Preppy looks. 


Coloured tights get less attention, because people not involved in fashion are often afraid to wear them. Here are some lifehacks from stylists. 

  • Monochrome

The easiest way to combine coloured tights is to pick a monochrome outfit. This option has one more benefit — it visually elongates the silhouette and accordingly makes your legs look longer. 

  • In the colour of the bottom 

You can wear tights in the colour of the bottom, for example, of a skirt or shorts. They can vary in colour, but the main thing is to stick with the one colour palette. 

  • In colour of the shoes 

The same rule — maintain the one colour palette, the way that tights and shoes look like a single entity. 

  • In tone with accessories

You can pick an outfit in one colour scheme and add colourful accents - a hat, scarf or bag in the colour of tights. 

  • Contrast 

Combining tights and clothes of absolutely different colours is another big trend from fashion shows. Let's take a look at the most interesting variations: turquoise + brown, yellow + purple, red + metallic, purple + pink, white + burgundy, pastel + sequins.

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