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Coziness and Comfort: 5 Home Looks from Actress Emma Roberts

Finally, Emma Roberts has time for informal looks: the celebrity tries not to break the self-isolation and leaves the house only when it’s absolutely necessary, for example, to go to the store. The rest of the time, the actress spends at home, so Emma has shared a lot of photos of her daily home looks: a pajama bottoms instead of luxurious dresses, and a face mask instead of bright makeup. True actresses often change their looks, so Emma Roberts is not afraid to practice transformation in real life, too. The star captures all her home looks in the same way: "Todayslook", and they clearly differ in variety. One day, the celebrity appears in classic blue jeans, on others - in a delicate lace dress and plaid pajama pants.

Black jeans, a yellow plaid crop top and headband created a perfect casual look. And even the bright face mask to match the top didn’t spoil the celebrity’s home style. In her pajamas with a sweater of bright orange and plaid pants, the actress looks even more relaxed. Emma completed her home look with massive hoop earrings, rings and cozy fur slippers.

Denim jumpsuit, combined with a white top and a bright pink shirt, is a trio that looks perfect at home.

Apparently, when Emma Roberts lacks a holiday, the bright light of spotlights and the red carpet, the actress wears a delicate milky-colored dress - in a combination with a bright manicure, it looks stylish and romantic.

But if the house suddenly turned off the heating, and the outside temperature dramatically went down, a duo of a t-shirt with a colorful print and black jeans can be complemented with a warm caramel-colored cardigan – comfort is in simple things!