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The beautiful wedding dress is responsible for a considerable part of the success of the wedding, because most of all the guests are waiting for the appearance of the main "culprit" of the celebration. Star brides know this not by hearsay, so even if they are experiencing the "most important day in life" not for the first time, they still approach the choice of wedding dress with all seriousness.Royal exits Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly, modest ceremonies Yoko Ono and Audrey Hepburn, large-scale holidays Ivanka Trump and Beyonce. From them you can trace the evolution of wedding fashion: from the royal wedding and alternative outfits of rock stars to the dress of Alexander McQueen Kate Middleton and overalls Solange Knowles. Wedding fashion is changing, but the style of the dress depends on you. Elizabeth II  The future British queen gave an oath of loyalty a year and a half after World War II, but hunger, ruin and decline still reigned throughout Britain. The total deficit and the most severe economy did not at all contribute to a magnificent holiday, but the citizens of the United Kingdom themselves wanted it: the royal wedding had to distract from the post-war horrors for at least a day. The dress was sewn of silk and decorated with hundreds of crystal flowers and thousands of pearls, and the four-meter train was decorated with applications in the form of jasmine and white rose. The designer of the wedding dress was fashion designer Norman Hartnell.   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  The future first lady of the United States married the then senator John Kennedy in 1953. In those years, no one dared to experiment with the cut and style of the wedding dress, so Jacqueline's dress was made in the classical style - luxuriant, white, with parted shoulders and a small V-neck.       Princess Diana The most famous wedding attire of the last century is stored in the residence of the British kings and belongs to Diana Spencer, who married Charles, Prince of Wales, on July 29, 1981, and became the most discussed person in the world. It is not very beautiful and more like a meringue cake than a princess dress, but, nevertheless, on that day the views of millions of people were riveted to it. Silk taffeta, lace, rhinestones, ten thousand pearls, a diamond belt and eight-meter cable - Diana's dress gathered the best materials and jewels, as befits the occasion. Its author was made by unknown designers at that time, David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Kate Middleton  Exactly 30 years later, the marriage of the eldest son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana - William took place, which in its scope and magnificence was in no way inferior to the loudest wedding of the 20th century. While the owners of souvenir shops were selling mugs with the faces of future newlyweds, and the bookmakers were taking bets on all the details of the upcoming celebration, the bride William Kate Middleton was taking measurements in the leading fashion house in the UK - Alexander McQueen. Of course, Kate would not be allowed to marry anyone in a democratic dress-case, so her outfit was appropriate - a white dress, beautifully trimmed with lace, a mind-blowing train and veil with tiara. Grace Kelly Kate Middleton’s dress in many respects repeated the outfit of another princess - the Princess of Monegasque and the stars of American cinema Grace Kelly. To tailor a wedding dress with Prince Rainier, she invited Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer dresser Helen Rose, who literally one month before the March 21, 1956 celebration received an Oscar for best costume design Angelina Jolie Probably the most long-awaited wedding of our time was held in 2014 - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went down the aisle. Several people worked on the image of Angelina Jolie to her long-awaited wedding with Brad Pitt, and the main members of the creative team were the children. Silk dress Atelier Versace decorated children's drawings. Kim Kardashian For her wedding with Kanye West, reality star Kim Kardashian prepared 4 outfits, but the most beautiful and most beautiful of them was the creation of the Givenchy brand, in which the bride said "yes" to her beloved. A mermaid dress with an open back and a long train of the finest lace underlined all the already visible merits of a celebrity, but, moreover, made her fragile, delicate and very romantic.

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