Devilish and Beautiful: Most Stylish Movie Villains

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Margot Robbie, Angelina Jolie and other actresses whose characters have turned to evil, but are remembered as the most stylish.

Birds of Prey comes out on February, 5. The main role is played by Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, who is famous for her roles in Suicide Squad and The Wolf of Wall Street. We decided to recall other beautiful women that have played dark, but very stylish characters.

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

After watching Suicide Squad, many girls wanted to repeat the image of the extravagant Joker’s girlfriend - Harley Quinn. Designers managed to create a memorable image. A bright T-shirt, satin jacket, ultra shorts and colorful hair are the main trends that a stylish villain promotes. On Halloween, her image hits the top and becomes the most pirated for several years. Judging by the trailer, the new film will be even more interesting: crop tops, sequins, feathers and plenty of tattoos

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Angelina Jolie – Maleficent

Maleficent is considered to be Disney's most stylish villain. In the original version of the "Sleeping beauty" fairy tale, solitary sorceress looks like a classic old witch. However, designers created a real lady out of Maleficent. Sharp white fangs, red lipstick, the combination of black and dark grey – Maleficent’s style clearly overshadowed Princess Aurora’s. The emphasis on the lips and cheeks in make-up gives the villain an extra charm. Love for the black gowns, floor-length dresses and a long train - these are the main secrets of Maleficent’s style.

Ruth Wilson – Mrs. Coulter

Fans of the trilogy His Dark Materials admired the wardrobe of Mrs. Coulter. The key point here is luxurious fabrics: satin, stylish velvet or faux fur. Clothes in this series serves as a backdrop and helps the actress to reveal her character. Therefore, Ruth Wilson’s character was recognized as the most stylish movie villain.

Charlize Theron – Queen Ravenna

Incomparable Charlize Theron together with costume designer Colleen Atwood created one of the most stylish cruel Queens. Every Ravenna’s outfit is a real piece of art: Royal chick, luxury and stylish accessories. In total, about 20 dresses were created for the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Throughout the film, the costumes emphasize the basic mood and the internal state of the heroine. Queen Raven not only inspires fear, but also fascinates others with her beauty. Just look at the dress with bones and decorations in the form of feathers, which effectively complement the image of the dark witch.


Glenn Close - Cruella De Ville

Despite the fact that Cruella De Ville looks rather eccentric in the film - extravagant outfits and disheveled hair - she is ready to do anything for fashion. Cruella loves fur, black and white colors, contrasting shades and animal print. Throughout the film, the villain uses bold accessories: patent-leather boots, a hat, massive jewelry. In 2020, a real fur lover would have to reconsider her views on fashion and approach her style more consciously.


Tilda Swinton - The White Witch

In the film The Chronicles of Narnia Tilda Swinton has a luxurious wardrobe. Costume designer Isis Mussenden perfectly thought out the villain's main outfit. Thanks to the fabric, the dress seems to merge with nature, helping the White Witch to show her connection with the elements. The actress’s outfits emphasize her fragile physique, and chic fur armor, in the battle scene, betray the heroine's love for luxury.


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