Diary of Moscow Fashion Week. Day 2

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The second day of the Moscow Fashion Week, June 21, turned out to be no less rich in interesting shows and events. Our correspondent Ekaterina Belyaeva shares her impressions.

Another day of the fashion holiday was opened by a collective show by students of the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry Vivat, MHPI!, dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I. regular army and navy, a new education system. The show was like a historical performance and a creative rethinking of heritage. The audience saw the ballet of the Petrine era, naval uniforms, elements of architecture and NFT performed by students of the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry. Rainy weather, views of the Red and Cathedral Squares, the Kremlin and, in fact, the monument to Peter the Great added drama to the show.

By the way, from 2013 to 2016, the institute was located on the territory of Red October, directly opposite this monument.


Having watched the show, I can say with confidence that the fashion industry has a worthy future, and it is already noticeable how new stars are lit on the fashion horizon.

The day continued with a show by Maria Rybakova. Maria Rybakova's Tall Grass collection is inspired by Venetsianov's paintings. Simple and elegant silhouettes were demonstrated using elements of Russian traditional costume, a combination of natural colors and fabrics.


Maria's dresses seem to be made for going to theaters and romantic and dreamy walks through the palace parks on warm summer evenings. Walk along with your own woven wreath of wildflowers. However, some images will organically fit into office interiors.

The Akkulova Albina brand beautifully combined the plots of Russian fairy tales and the traditional costume of the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula. Embroideries made of glass beads, beads and gold thread literally illuminated the audience with their brilliance and immersed them in the enchanting worlds of Russian fairy tales and Balkan culture.


Some of the presented elements of clothing will add extravagance to a strict autumn look.

The collection of the brand from Yekaterinburg Yulia Skalatskaya is the personification of a harmonious combination of masculine and feminine principles. Large brooches in the form of flowers, colored leather gloves, thin scarves, and ruffles are responsible for the Yin beginning in the defile. Tops made of metallic mesh, leather and masculine jackets are for yang. The result is functional and wearable clothes that will be appropriate in the office, at a business meeting, on a date, and in the theater, in a word, everywhere.



If the Yulia Skalatskaya brand collection was built on harmony, then LURVIN chose the idea of contrasts. A brutal leather top and a flowing, feminine skirt, jackets with broad shoulders and tight scarves, a sophisticated dress with a thin but brutal tie in the form of an ornament - a bold statement of the fashion house, as if telling the viewer: do not be afraid to experiment.



The St. Petersburg brand Dear Passenger N. put us in a time machine and sent us back to the era of René Lalique for a few minutes. The heroine of Dear Passenger N. is a time traveler. In the 15-minute adventure, we were accompanied by images of Lalique's jewelry, decorating the backs and sleeves of jackets and overalls, giving the heroine confidence in her exclusivity.

The collection is dominated by Italian velveteen and beautifully shining viscose. It turned out elegant and functional at the same time.


The Maison Kaléidoscope brand has long been loved by Russian fashionistas who prefer luxurious comfort and feminine silhouettes. This time, Ekaterina Kombarova showed a collection with images of a marine theme, symbolizing female energy. Lily buds on cardigans, kimonos, skirts, dresses and wide trousers Maison Kaleidoscope speak of femininity and the possibilities of revealing its potential. Bohemian clothes are given by high-quality Australian merino wool, alpaca wool and trimming with marabou feathers.



I cannot but note that many guests of the show, as true fans of the brand, came to the show in stylized products from previous collections.

One of the most spectacular shows on the second day of Moscow Fashion Week was the Maison ESVE show. The collection was called Forte because it was inspired by the aesthetics of the Mayan civilization. The defile is literally permeated with the idea of ​​the strength and wisdom of the human body and spirit and conveyed this impulse to the audience. The depth of immersion in the history of the Mayan tribe is felt in the elaboration of the concept of the show and the models themselves. Models in multi-layered dresses and unusual ruffles, metallic leather suits, silk robes with tribal symbols and flowing long fringes delighted the eye. Completeness of the images was given by specially created shoes with pile, like the paws of wild animals, special makeup and hairstyles - tight braids and gathered in high buns.



The musical accompaniment of the show deserves special attention: a duet of DJ Ivailo Blagoev and a flutist. Ethnic music was mixed with mantras performed by a friend of the brand - Sati Kazanova (Satiethnika). Fiction!

Finally, the show of BÜRO UNIQUE x Gala Borzova finished the second day.

The brand presented the spring-summer 2023 collection. The brand worked together with stylist Gala Borzova to create the collection. The idea and inspiration is the summer of a bohemian romantic girl who chooses lightness in everything: both clothes and attitude in life. The podium was dominated by multi-layered and multi-tiered dresses made of light tulle, romantic blouses with frills, voluminous sleeves and capes with a raf collar.


The stylization of the show deserves special mention here. The presence of a stylist in the collaboration does its job: we see a bohemian and romantic, but stylish girl. She is not afraid of unexpected combinations and wears trendy glasses with airy dresses and makes bright sparkling makeup.


Beautiful, sophisticated catwalk.

We hold our breath and tired, seen, inspired and happy are waiting for the next day of Fashion Week.

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