Diary of Moscow Fashion Week. Day 3

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As if by tradition, the third day of Moscow Fashion Week was opened by a collective show of students. This time - the author's school of fashion artist Sergei Sysoev at the Russian State University. Kosygin. Our correspondent Ekaterina Belyaeva shares her impressions of the new day of the fashion holiday.


More than 20 students from different parts of the country presented collections that were completely different in style and mood, but united by the idea of ​​the diversity of Russian culture. During the show, the guests of the main amphitheater of Zaryadye plunged into childhood memories of fairy tales and were inspired by the very successful combinations of Ural lace with environmentally friendly and technologically advanced materials. It turned out that Gzhel painting is suitable not only for tea sets, but is very appropriate in men's suits and looks, at the same time, non-trivial and masculine. Master students of Kosygin University were mentored by experienced designers and other representatives of the industry, which is noticeable to the naked eye by the elaboration of the concept and the quality of the models.

The fashionable holiday of the capital of the All-Russian scale continued with a show of the BALUNOVA Premium brand. The presented collection is the direct opposite of the bright and emotional display of the students of Sergey Sysoev's school. We saw conciseness, restraint, classic cut and monochrome. Impeccable suits, jackets and asymmetric jackets, pleated skirts are what you need for dynamic and self-confident ladies striving to climb the career ladder.


However, you can spice up everyday life with a spice of playfulness by wearing a corset crop top with a contrasting texture under a classic jacket and go straight from the office to a meeting with girlfriends or on a date, the BALUNOVA Premium brand assures us. Sounds convincing.

In addition to being comfortable for dynamic city life, the designer combines natural and high-tech fabrics in his collection in unison with the sustainable agenda: recycled polyester, organic cotton, wool and viscose. Luxurious in its functionality collection.



The collection with the romantic name "Kiss in the Forest" was presented by a non-trivial collaboration between Yulia Aleshicheva, her grandson Yan Gorkunov and Ksenia Novikova, a fashion designer from Ivanovo.

Behind this show is a touching life story of self-taught embroiderer Yulia Mikhailovna Aleshicheva, an 84-year-old artist with the pseudonym "GIRL FROM 1938" (Girl from 1938), which was invented by her grandson. A lady of venerable age creates textile paintings embroidered with satin stitch and cross stitch. Embroidery has become for her a way to deal with a serious illness.


The designer of coats and jackets, Ksenia Novikova, decided to transfer Yulia Mikhailovna's unique embroideries to clothes. And so it turned out a bright collection, imbued with a cheerful mood and the spirit of the holiday. Fragments of the embroiderer's work have turned into prints and industrial embroidery, and coat linings completely illustrate the author's work with her autograph. In addition to outerwear, cozy sweaters, knitted tunic dresses and accessories were presented. A cute and touching casual collection that will warm you in the cold and add joy to gray autumn days.

For SHOCKING AFTERTASTE, designer Kostya Skorokhodov was inspired by the cowboy theme and style of the 2000s. He caught the trend of world trends - denim prevailed on the podium, mini in combination with tights in a large mesh and the main trend of the 2000s - a low rise.



Unless the tie-dye print seems a little outdated. But in general, a bright and dynamic story that will find its place in the wardrobes of different generations leading an active lifestyle.

POLINA MIRCHEVA presented to the attention of the guests her fantasy on the theme of sport chic: bold combinations of colors and different prints, stripes and flounces, voluminous puffed sleeves and tulle skirts. The show itself was staged as if it were a performance by a rap artist, around which models appeared in bright, original and bold outfits. The idea of ​​designers with furry shoes is not quite clear, but we will write it off as some kind of secret artistic design. The appearance at the end of the show of a model in a flying wedding dress, who performed ballet steps, is explained by the fact that one of the directions of the brand concept is the creation of eventful and solemn images and a certain declared relationship between the founder of the brand and Sergei Diaghilev. Unusual avant-garde collection.


The young brand ZUHAT creates modest looks from things that cover the entire body, except for the hands and the oval of the face.


However, if desired, looks can be “disassembled” and create more secular outfits.

The collection presented on the runway at Zaryadye park became a rethinking of the cultural heritage with references to Vietnamese tunics, Japanese kimono and the national costume of the peoples of the Caucasus. There is definitely a dialogue of cultures, modernity and traditions.

Evening shows were opened by Lilia Kiselenko, a well-deserved participant of the Russian Fashion Weeks and one of the key people of fashion in St. Petersburg, with a new collection of her eponymous brand KISSELENKO.

The audience was shown deconstructivism and futurism, the models were unisex. Extremely functional and practical. The convenience of KISSELENKO clothing could be seen by taking a quick look at the audience seats in one of the showrooms in Zaryadye, which were occupied by devoted fans of the brand, dressed in items from the collections of previous seasons.



The fashion house TANYA KOTEGOVA based the idea of its collection on the rethinking of freedom and femininity. Forms, textures and black color as the basis, combined with going beyond the stereotypical perception of female beauty - the designer played the jacket in a very interesting way in its various versions.



We saw classic tailcoats with avant-garde trim, and a men's jacket, and such feminine, romantic elements as bare shoulders, sleeves trimmed with frills a la batwing sleeves, slits on them. The combination of the incongruous, the combination of opposites looks stylish, fresh and interesting.


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