Elsa Hosk announced the drop of a new collection in her brand

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Just a couple of days ago Swedish model, Elsa Hosk announced the drop of a new collection in her brand. Yesterday the new items were already on sale.


With no promotional campaigns or intrusive advertising,  only dignity and grace. This approach corresponds to the nature of Elsa's new collection called "Minimal 90s". The pieces are basic and laconic, but each has its own zest. An unusual cut, unique details complement the nude colour palette. There are the typical 90s features and even a bit of trendy balletcore in the lookbook. 

For example, an extra-maxi dress in a compact knit with a neckline showing the tummy line. If you are not too shy to emphasise your shape, the dress in a milky colour will fit for the day look. And its black version will be perfect in the evening looks. 


For women who prefer more modest outfits, Elsa offers a grey dress made of the same material, but covering the collarbones and ending by mittens. 


The addition of nylon makes the cotton mini dress with tutu-skirt shimmer. The item resembles a charming ballet outfit. 


The line includes both mini and maxi skirts, which can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe or paired with a top from HELSA brand. 

The woman’s favourites are the long skirt and wrap shirt made of light, effortless, crisp poplin, complementing each other perfectly. Equally interesting styling options are the same shirt with an ultra-short skirt or low-waisted cargo trousers.


Unisex pieces could well add to a man's wardrobe. Tom, Elsa's boyfriend wears all the trousers and suits of the brand's range - the woman shared. 

The main idea of the collection corresponds to the concept of the brand itself. It makes a versatile base, self-sufficient and able to be part of a comfortable evening outfit. 

The name of the line "Minimal 90s" is a kind of "ode" to the 90s era, when Elsa got acquainted with the world of fashion. As the model herself admits, magazines, TV shows, films and music of that time shaped her style. 

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