Worst Celebrity Outfits of 2019

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Despite the fact that every star looks are the result of huge work, and entire teams of stylists stand behind all this glory and splendor, even professional don’t always succeed in choosing successful outfits. We’ve compiled our list of worst dressed celebrities of this year.

Kim Kardashian

We’ve already got used to the Kim Kardashian’s sexy looks, but the black dress, the top of which was made of strips of fabric, turned out to be too much. The star opted for this outfit for the Hollywood Beauty Awards. The author of the dress is designer Thierry Mugler. Kim and Thierry are friends, and diva has collaborated with the designer for many years.

The star did her best and tried to balance the look with a strict hairstyle and a minimal amount of jewelry and the high neckline, but too open top still made the outfit vulgar. The celebrity's breast raised the most questions: Kim’s fans wrote that they wouldn’t want to be in the place of her bubs and spend the whole evening in such a tight state. As usual on the Internet, Kim’s outfit instantly flew into memes.

Kylie Jenner

TV star Kylie Jenner came in this Balmain pink overalls to the Grammy Awards 2019 to support her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott. But that day, Kylie’s outfit went to the background, because everyone was interested in the fact that Kylie took off her engagement ring. Loyal fans managed to discern such details even under gloves.

When the hype because of couple’s split died down, critics wrote that the girl looked like a big pink marshmallow that evening - the too voluminous top of the costume completely violated the proportions of beauty mogul’s figure.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's voluminous pink dress from the 2019 Grammy ceremony gave rise to a huge number of memes - most often it was compared with cotton candy, cakes and ... paint rollers.

The star didn’t take offense and shared more funny pictures on her social networks.

Cardi B

The shell-shaped dress, that rap artist Cardi B put on at the Grammy ceremony 2019, hit the Internet. Her outfit was compared with the painting "The Birth of Venus" or with a muffin mold.

Besides the fact that the outfit looked rather strange, it was obviously extremely uncomfortable - because of the narrow skirt, Cardi could barely walk. The fact, that her look was called ridiculous, didn’t upset the performer at all - such a shocking costume only added her popularity.

Irina Shayk

It seems that Irina Shayk’s beauty and grace cannot be spoiled by any outfit, but this year she did succeed. The grey dress that the model put on at the Fashion Awards ceremony caused great doubt. Some fans called this celebrity look too “boring and mouse-like” - even a high neckline and knotted drapery didn’t add any effect to it. Usually, Irina Shayk doesn’t have any questions about her taste: she looks stunning, even when she goes for a walk with her daughter, but this time it didn’t work out.

Jennifer Lopez

Recently, Jennifer Lopez has pulled too much on hats. If in some cases this accessory looks stylish and appropriate, then the “cowboy nightmare” at Grammy 2019 has only ruined everything.

The white Ralph & Russo maxi dress, decorated with a crystal pattern, looked simply luxurious on the Jennifer’s taut figure, but the wide-brimmed hat looked very weird. “She does occupy all the space there”, wrote singer’s fans and asked her to refrain from experimenting.

Billy Porter

The Pose star, actor Billy Porter, has long advocated erasing the gender boundaries between people and choosing outrageous and memorable outfits for his official outings, but his tuxedo dress from the last Oscar ceremony was not as successful as the fans were used to.

Network users said that the look wasn’t even original - something similar was worn by the House of Xtravaganza band’s vocalist thirty years ago. Someone even compared Porter with the sorceress Ursula from The Little Mermaid - other Billy’s outfits were much more successful this year.

Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu’s character from the series Why Women Kill has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most stylish movie characters, but the actress herself fails sometimes.

This year, for the Golden Globe Award, the actress chose a delicate pink Galia Lahav dress with a neon-colored applique. There were no complaints about the dress – but everything was ruined by the cloak that Lucy fastened on her neck. This curtain totally diverted attention from the dress and accessories, and its purpose was not entirely clear at all - Liu has a gorgeous figure that does not need to be hidden behind a tulle canopy.

Olivia Colman

Probably, if the actress Olivia Colman was sure that she would have to go upstage for the Oscar that evening, she would ask her stylists to try better, but it turned out what happened.

Immediately after the ceremony, this emerald dress with a collar and a train of tulle tied around the chest fell into the lists of the worst outfits. The star, of course, didn’t admit the failure and thanked the Prada house for the fact that the designers were able to skillfully hide the flaws of her figure.

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