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Fashion expert Suzy Menkes launches the author podcast

Legendary fashion critic and journalist Suzy Menkes announced the launch of her own "Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes" podcast where she is going to interview the most influential designers, creative directors and other fashion insiders. The first episode will be released today, April 21. The guest's name remains a mystery, the only little tip that Suzy left on her Instagram account is:

"There will be more news soon – but can you guess who my first guest will be? Clue: females first", she wrote. 

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Suzy Menkes is not only one of the most influential fashion critics, but also an officer of the Order of the British Empire as well as a chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.

After leaving school, young Suzy moved from her native England to Paris to study as a fashion designer. She decided to devote herself to high fashion after Nina Ricci fashion show, wherein those days she had to sneak in.

Returning from Paris, she entered Cambridge for the Department of History and English Literature. Later Suzy began working as a fashion reporter for The Times as well as writing her first books - mostly about the style of the Royal Household of the United Kingdom. 

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Публикация от Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue)


For more than 25 years, she has been commenting on fashion at the International Herald Tribune, and now she is International Vogue Editor at Condé Nast International. Suzy Menkes is known for her principled integrity and honesty. The status and popularity of whom the journalist writes are never an obstacle for her honest reviews. Suzy always says what she thinks, but it does not mean that there is no place for the positive criticism in the reviews. Menkes was one of the first to predict the great future of designer Hedi Slimane and she was right! Over his 20-year career, the French fashion designer has been the creative director of Dior Homme, Yves Saint Laurent, and since February 2018, he has been the creative, artistic and image director of Céline.

All episodes will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Tunein and other platforms.

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