Fashion Mistakes Even Celebrities Make

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Many believe that celebrities are people who can't be wrong, especially in choosing looks for events. However, even the most stylish stars have fails and mistakes. So, the stars do it, too ...

 ... attract the public’s attention in any way

Many celebrities try to steal the spot in any way. Sometimes it looks a little strange. Any, even the most spectacular, dress should complement a woman, but not hide her. It’s not necessary to set the task to stand out from the crowd in any way. Otherwise, it is likely that others will notice only the dress, but not you.

 ... try to pull on a thing that they obviously are not in size

Despite the fact that celebrities have the opportunity to get any exclusive dress, making it to order, many prefer to buy a ready-made outfit. Some stars are ready to go to great lengths to get into the overly tight dress they like. The fact is that almost all designers create clothes that look great only on model type figures. There is a chance that by buying such an item, you can visually look bigger than you really are. That's what happened to Selena Gomez. The girl chose a dress that didn’t fit her, so many fans decided that the star had gained weight greatly. It is better to prefer perfectly fitting clothes of your size.  Or don’t buy a tightening clothing at all.

 ... don't think about comfort

Many people realize that not everything from runways are suitable for everyday life. It makes no sense to wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. For example, some stars hardly wear dresses in everyday life. Therefore, putting them on events, they feel insecure. Even the most elegant dress can look very mediocre if the girl is uncomfortable in it. For example, Kristen Stewart looks rather constrained in evening dresses, but once she puts on a pantsuit, the star looks much happier.

 ... forget that some clothes need to be customized to fit one's height

It's one thing if your train is unobtrusively flying. Another one is when the outfit is ugly dragging on the floor. Don’t forget that, when creating clothes, designers focus mainly on tall, long-legged models. Therefore, such things can not only visually ruin the proportions, but also significantly complicate the movement. Before buying frankly long dresses, you need to think about whether you are ready to spend additional time and money for a visit to the atelier.

... try too hard

Many people do their best to look perfect from any angle.  However, sometimes you want to add a bit of carelessness to the stars’ looks. With the development of social networks, the perfect picture made its way into everyday life. A snag on a sweater can ruin the mood for the whole day, and smeared lipstick equates to a disaster. Stress about an imperfect look is a problem of our time. Try to feel better about accepted standards and ideals.

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