French Style: Top 5 Secrets

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All over the world, passionate and proud French women are considered to be the epitome of feminine charm and elegance. They perfectly possess the ability to attract attention and seduce. But what are their fashionable tricks, that drive men crazy?

The rule of seven basic things

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18 Июн 2019 в 3:00 PDT


Every French woman knows how to make a basic wardrobe. Model and designer Ines de la Fressange, who is considered to be a true style icon and a standard of French charm, in her book Parisian Chic named seven main items that should exist in every girl’s wardrobe. This is a men's blazer, a simple T-shirt, a trench coat, a navy sweater, a small black dress, classic dark jeans and a leather jacket. Skillfully combining and complementing these clothing, any true Parisian can create several fashionable looks at once that suit different occasions. Propely selected capsule wardrobe is the basis of the impeccable style of the French, which Ines demonstrates by her example.


Slight negligence


French women admit: the main secret of their style is slight negligence. They prefer loose blouses and never fasten the top button. They don’t feel uncomfortable if they go out in an imperfectly ironed outfit. The hair is a little windblown, and scarves and bags are casually thrown over one shoulder. However, this deceptive lightness has nothing to do with sloppiness. On the contrary, every such detail helps to create an airy and immediate image.


Simple cut


Asymmetric cut, the use of different textures in one image, complex geometric prints - all this is not about the French style. Parisians prefer simple cut clothes, that are easy to combine in different sets. It was the French women who were among the first to wear loose-fitting jackets, as if removed from a man’s shoulder. Pay attention to the stylish look of the blogger from France, Jeanne Adams. The girl used just ordinary jeans, a popular camel trench coat and a knit top. French chic is born precisely with the right combination of clothes.

Respect for history


French women follow fashion trends, but at the same time they are reverent about their cultural and historical code. The famous striped Breton, air beret, culottes - all this is still considered to be the basis of the Parisian style. The angular tuxedos and wide pants that Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel introduced into the women's wardrobe also continue to be popular with Parisians. Chanel-style tweed jacket is a must-have in any French wardrobe.

Particular relation to bijouterie


It’s believed that it was Coco Chanel who convinced her compatriots to wear not only jewelry with precious stones, but also bijouterie. Now a combination of expensive jewelry and bijouterie is the main trend of the season. For sure, it’s worth taking a couple of French lessons!

People with good taste wear bijouterie. Everyone else has to wear gold.

Naturalness and aristocracy


French beauties very rarely resort to the services of plastic surgeons: they advocate natural beauty, but don’t neglect makeup. Using it, they focus on the eyes to emphasize the aristocratic pallor of the face. Pay attention to the French actress Eva Green, who always brightly emphasizes her eyes. The actress gets a mesmerizing, directly witching look that simply cannot help but attract attention.

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