Green in clothes: what it tells about you

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Professionals can tell quite a lot about a person by what colours he or she prefers in wardrobe. In one of our past articles, we were analyzing the psychology of red, how to wear it and how to combine clothes of red colour. Red is a very active and even aggressive colour, so for the next article we chose its antipode-green, which symbolizes harmony and tranquility.

Psychology of colour

Green is a colour with special energy. It symbolizes several important aspects at once: first, it represents nature and plants. Secondly, it’s the colour of health and the colour of life itself. From a psychological point of view, green is the antipode of red. While red shades excite, green colour has a calming effect. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why red and green don’t combine well in one look.

If green dominates your wardrobe, then psychologists can say that you’re a confident person who appreciates inner harmony and peace most of all. Green in clothes radiates friendliness and cheerfulness, this is the choice of real optimists who love and appreciate their lives. Green is chosen by those who know how to compromise, but at the same time can stand for themselves and protect their interests.

In addition, green is the colour of youth. It refreshes, gives the skin a healthy glow. Just look at  Jennifer Lopez! How gorgeous she is in a bright and luscious Versace dress!

Versace, spring-summer 2020

This year, designers are for green colour: it’s present in almost all collections of both autumn-winter and future spring-summer seasons. Versace, Dolce & Gabbana became the leaders in the number of green outfits.

Combination of colour

Michael Kors, spring-summer 2020 / Versace, spring-summer 2020 / Marc Jacobs, autumn-winter 2019 / Max Mara, spring-summer 2020

Pantone Colour Institute highlights a huge number of the most diverse and incredible shades of green, ranging from forest and citrus, and ending with ultramarine, emerald and jade. One of the most interesting and at the same time difficult to combine is mint colour: stylists say that it rarely suits anyone. However, in the rest of the variety of green shades, everyone can choose the colour that will certainly suit her. Different shades of green suit blondes, brunettes and especially girls with red hair. Choosing your shade of green, pay attention to the colour type of the skin. For example, girls and women with very fair hair and skinshouldn’t choose a mint shade, because in this case the skin will seem even more pale.

What colours are combined with green

Green and white

White is combined with any colour, but in tandem with green, it is perceived in a special way. This is a very fresh, even summer combination, which is more suitable for everyday images than for business style. Light green in combination with snow-white colour looks too bright. So, to make your look more restrained, try to combine white with dark shades of green. Or, conversely, light green clothes can be combined with clothes of ivory or, at least, milky white colour.

Green and black

Any shades of green, ranging from dark and ending light and even mint shade, are combined with black colour. In combination with black clothes, green will look deeper.

Green and blue

Marni, spring-summer 2020

This is a very bright combination. Therefore, many girls are afraid to use it in practice if they don’t want to look too pretentious or catchy. And these fears are well-founded: note how dazzling bright green in combination with bright blue is in outfits from spring-summer Marni collection. This combination is associated with carnival: it’s not an everyday option at all.

Michael Kors, spring-summer 2020 / Marc Jacobs, spring-summer / Dior autumn-winter

To avoid this effect, use less bright shades of green and blue, as designer Marc Jacobs did: dark green combined with a calmer shade of blue looks not so pretentious. And better pay attention to how organically green is in combination with dark blue at Michael Kors looks-the resulting image looks restrained and suitable, for example, for business meetings. Blue jeans in combination with a dark green scarf in autumn-winter Dior collection looks very laconic, too.

Tropical print

Versace, spring-summer 2020 / Dolce & Gabbana, spring-summer 2020 / Versace, spring-summer 2020

Tropical print is the most fashionable print of spring-summer 2020. Outfits with a bright green pattern can be found in the collections of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and other designers. 

The green plaid

Christian Dior, autumn-winter 2019

Another fashion trend is the use of green in combination with a plaid print. On the one hand, the plaid mutes the rich green, making it more calm. On the other hand, green colour combined with dark plaid becomes more juicy. Green chequered print was a real hit in the Dior autumn-winter collection

Green combined with prints

Marc Jacobs, autumn-winter 2019 / Moschino, spring-summer, 2020 / Dolche & Gabbana, spring-summer 2020

Green colour is one of the most successful options for use in prints. It looks organic with any ornaments and drawings, so designers often use green as a background colour for a variety of prints, including quite unusual and psychedelic. In addition, green can be present in the ornament itself and it doesn’t attract attention at the same time.

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