Grey in clothes: the choice of introverts or insecure people?

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Colors, which we surround ourselves, not only affect our mood and well-being, but also can explain a lot about our character. In previous articles, we talked about psychology and the most successful color combinations with red, green, black and blue colors. It's time to pay attention to grey.

Psychology of color

Chanel autumn-winter 2019, Dolce&Gabbana autumn-winter 2019, Michael Kors autumn-winter 2019

Grey is a real chameleon among colors. It adapts to the environment and your color type, changes its hue depending on the lighting and behaves differently with other colors of the palette.

Psychologists have an ambiguous attitude to this color. If black is associated with strong negative emotions, such as hatred and anger, then grey evokes a feeling of despondency and hopelessness. It is the color of depression, despair and detachment. Grey is often said to be a depressive color.

It’s also believed that people who prefer grey shades in the wardrobe, don’t want to attract attention. They try to blend in with their surroundings to be left alone. Such people avoid any problems and troubles, they are melancholic and unsociable.

However, not all experts are sharply negatively tuned to the influence that grey color has on us. Modest and shy people perceive this color as a shield that will protect them from public censure. Grey gives a feeling of calm and security.

Fashionable combinations

Burberry spring-summer 2020, Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2020, Christian Dior autumn-winter 2019, Burberry spring-summer 2020

Designers love grey, but use it very dosed, combined with brighter accents. However, the stereotype that grey is necessarily a boring mouse color has long been a thing of the past.

In our photo collection, there are a few examples of how many-sided grey color is-it has much more shades than we used to think. This is an elegant pearl shade, mysterious smoky, French grey (a mix of grey with beige), graphite, charcoal and many others.  

Grey + grey

Chanel spring-summer 2020, Chanel spring-summer 2020, Michael Kors fall-winter 2019

Grey color is very self-sufficient, so it can be used to create an image in a single color scheme. To avoid such a boring look, use different shades of grey, and to create a festive image, pay attention to the trendy metallic color with a silver sheen.

Grey + black

Michael Kors autumn winter 2019, Christian Dior autumn winter 2019, Christian Dior autumn winter 2019

In combination with black, grey forms a classic business image-strict and restrained. This color scheme is reflected in the autumn-winter wardrobe. o ensure that the image does not seem too boring, dilute it with a bright accessory.

Grey + white

Christian Dior autumn winter 2019, Dolce & Gabbana autumn winter 2019, Dolce & Gabbana autumn winter 2019

This is another classic combination that is often used in business style. The image of these two colors doesn’t look gloomy and heavy-on the contrary, white color gives grey some lightness.

Grey + blue

Michael Kors spring-summer 2020

A very calm and concise combination, which can be safely adapted to the office style. As an example, there several successful looks from the Michael Kors show.

Grey + red

Marni autumn-winter 2019

Those who consider grey to be boring, we recommend you to pay attention to its combination with different shades of red. Active red will revive  any look.

Grey + pink

Marni autumn winter 2019, Burberry autumn winter 2019

If you want to create a more relaxed look, combine grey with pink – this is a very gentle and romantic combination that has a special charm.

Grey plaid

Dolce & Gabbana autumn-winter 2019, Burberry spring-summer 2020, Michael Kors autumn-winter 2019

A true classic. Small plaid was among last year's trends, so now it’s better to pay attention to prints with a larger pattern.

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