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Hats and Ruffles: Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2020 Couture Collection

Yesterday, Paris hosted Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2020 couture collection show. Designers intentionally tormented the audience and didn’t reveal secrets of the collection in a video posted on Instagram a few hours earlier. Therefore, the new collection by Viktor & Rolf turned out to be a real surprise to others.

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During the couture show, the audience was expecting to see a striking visualization and designers’ non-standard ideas. And these expectations were fully justified. On bodies and faces, the models sported tattoos. Some were as simple as “love”, “peace” or “flowers” while others were the kind of quotes that sit on Instagram under the #inspo hashtag, such as “you must be the change you want to see in the world”, “Success is not final/Failure is not fatal.” There was even an amusing “Keep calm and get tattooed.”

From the Viktor & Rolf shows, we always wait for a ton of ruffles and miles of tulle. In principle, all this was more than enough. The main elements of the collection are dresses, consisting of ruffles, frills, flounces and tulle. Exaggerated sleeves in the form of wings, huge hats, doll dresses – you can feel the particular style of designers. The show resembled a rainbow parade of fabulous dresses. Among the bright and airy creations of designers, we should also point out a variety of outfits created in the technique of patchwork.

The vibe was very much youthful, make-do-and-mend-made chic, especially when paired with jelly sandals and bags from their collaboration with Brazilian brand Melissa. The new collection is clearly dominated by unusual details: huge multi-colored tinfoil hats, asymmetry, bows, voluminous collars, bags, baskets and transparent socks. Designers didn’t forget about the combination of colorful crop top with a fluffy black skirt. Romantic sundresses have become a good addition.

There is no basic color in the collection. The designers successfully combined pastel colors with bright rich colors. Thanks to this, the collection turned out to be both edgy and romantic.