Hats, Scarves and Caps: What to Wear to Be On-Trend This Spring

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Let’s catch the wind in our hair and change the hats that we got tired of over the winter for light shawls, colorful hats and funny Panama hats, which will look perfect not only in the country, but also in the metropolis.


Fans of low-key classics can rejoice – the fashion for strange headdresses, that were popular in the fall/winter of 2019, remains in the past. Bizarre felt bowler hats are replaced by traditional options with narrow and wide brims, which are designed to complement the look in a harmonious way, rather than becoming its main focus.


Bright and neutral, decorated with large flowers, embroidery or contrasting ribbons – this spring, you can wear hats with coats, trench coats, leather jackets and capes. Borrowed from the male wardrobe, this accessory has long been a symbol of elegance and femininity, allowing every girl to feel like a debutante from the past or fabulous Mary Poppins.


Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs

For those who like experiments and don't recognize conservatism, Lanvin offer to pay attention to hats that look like fishermen's hats. The key point here is the fact, that the basic fabric is not felt, but nylon, and the front part fully opens the face.




They can be decorated with thick laces, metal studs or made of quilted fabric, which will be extremely popular this season. You can wear such "fishing" hats with classic coats and suits, as well as with bomber jackets and cropped jackets, complementing the look with silk scarves or chunky jewelry.

Paul Smith

Nina Ricci


This spring, light silk scarves will replace puffed and quilted scarves, that were in trend last fall and winter. They can be tied in the traditional way, in the manner of the Eastern turban, or hijab.

Saint Laurent

Dolce & Gabbana



You can wear them not only as hats that protect from the cold and wind, but also as hair ornaments –  by fixing hair or weaving it into a braid. Trendy jacquard and animalistic prints refer to the boho aesthetics, that was popular in the 70’s, tropical leaves and silhouettes of bright birds - to dream about the hot jungle, and geometric stripes – to restrained severity, as Grace Kelly’s.

Dolce & Gabbana

You can also get ideas for stylish looks from other actresses of old Hollywood – Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. They wore light scarves of bright fabric with midi dresses, trench coats, A-line skirts and white shirts, not forgetting about massive sunglasses and hoop earrings.

In the spring/summer 2020 season, designers recommend to pay attention to the models, decorated with long thin fringe. And don’t leave them in the closet, even when it's cold. Silk scarves can be worn knotted around the neck, on pants instead of a belt, on the handles of bags or in the manner of men's ties.



Golden Goose

Emilio Pucci

Radical Chic


One of the most important headgear of the spring 2020 will be caps, which, like hats, come from the male wardrobe and harmoniously fit into the female’s one. Designers invite not to limit yourself in choice of styles, colors and fabrics and wear peaked caps, berets, baseball caps and kepis.

Marc Jacobs




The main focus is on the shape of the visor – it can be small, like Dior’s and extremely huge – like Burberry’s. Leather, velvet, braided or nylon – caps and peaked caps become the main purchase of this season, and more and more girls around the world fall in love with it.

You can combine them with almost anything: with light dresses and ankle boots, oversized jackets and chunky boots, long trench coats and sneakers with massive sole. Take inspiration from street-style looks of Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian who wear hats regardless of the time of year and occasion. For those who appreciate warmth as much as beauty, designers advise to wear caps over silk scarves – this way, you’ll not only successfully combine two main trends of this season, but also create a unique and memorable look.


Ruslan Baginskiy

Panama hats


Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs


You can wear Panama hats not only to protect yourself from the sun during the holidays, but also to become the main dude. This slightly ridiculous headwear, that has always been associated with tourists and vacationers, now managed to hit runways and became the must-have for the following seasons.

They will look most harmonious with trench coats and oversized jackets, but classic models, like gardeners’, can be combined with romantic dresses, voluminous balloon skirts and bright pantaloons.

Don’t forget about their practicality – a wide-brimmed Panama hat, made of waterproof fabric, will protect not only from sun but also from rain, while bright options made of patent leather, shiny soft velvet or velveteen will turn even the most boring casual or office looks into the unique one.

Maison Michel



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