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Hello from the 80’s! Gucci Launches New Eyeglasses Collection

fashion Read min 04.03.2020 18:39

The era of the 80’s continues to inspire designers to create new collections of clothing and accessories. Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Gucci brand, was also hit by nostalgic mood.

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Michele presented a new eyeglasses collection, the design of which is inspired by the 80’s. Suddenly bright colors, different frame options - from classic “cat's eye” to teashade - connoisseurs of retro style will definitely appreciate the stylish accessory. The designer believes that these glasses will successfully complement any retro look.

The advertising campaign, directed by Haromony Korine, featured other iconic elements from that era: vinyl records, video cassettes, posters. The creators were inspired by the youth culture of those years, which was built on the desire for individualism, freedom and rebellion. The main surprise for the fans was the appearance of Kai, the singer from the K-pop group EXO.