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Highlights of New York Fashion Week

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Highlights of New York Fashion Week

So, New York Fashion Week has come to an end. Nothing to get upset about, though: London Fashion Week will start today. While designers are once again preparing to surprise us with spectacular new products, we suggest recalling the most vivid moments of New York Fashion Week.

Let's live in peace

Contrary to the expectations and hopes of the tabloids, this year Fashion Week in New York was held without fights. And if the previous NYFW was remembered for the fight between Nicky Minaj and Cardi B, then this one will be remembered for its surprisingly peaceful atmosphere. Many designers took the opportunity to call on the public to live in peace. Fashion designer Michael Kors crossed out the word “Hate” on one of his new jumpers. And the brand Vaquera even dressed one of its models in a huge heart with ruffles. Designer Marc Jacobs could not ignore the topic of the peace: his fashion show was held right on the anniversary of the attacks of September 11.

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SS20 LOOK 33

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Inclusion, tolerance and body-positive were present to one degree or another at the shows of all fashion designers. New collections from fashion houses were presented by transgender models: Sarah Sampaio, Nathan Westling, Alex Budin and others. Many shows were attended by such famous plus-size models as Ashley Graham, and Tess Holliday's appearance on the fashion show of the Chromat brand created a furor and heated discussions on the net. Some designers seemed to specifically focus on imperfections, calling not to be ashamed of our features and shortcomings, but to be proud of them.

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We’ll NEVER get over this ??? Our very FIRST runway show at #NYFW ? Swipe to see our dolls SERVING ? Who want’s to see us on the runway in 2020!? ✨

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Cheetos Fashion Show

The brand, which is better known to us for its chips and snacks - Cheetos, organized its first ever fashion show in history. The love of snacks was also reflected in the collection of accessories, which were made in the form of packs with chips. The rest of the show was also held in a cheerful and festive spirit: models with catchy make-up showed wardrobe items in red and orange colors. Of course, the show looked more like a large-scale advertising of the company's food products. But it must be admited that some of the things from the collection turned out to be very worthwhile.


Many brands have tried to surprise us with their shocking catwalks. Defiant outfits were demonstrated by the Collina Strada brand, the VFiles brand will be remembered for its futuristic looks, and the Area brand with its accessory in the form of a man’s beard made of precious stones. And the brand Gypsy Sport completely painted its models in blue and green colors, so that they began to resemble aliens. However, we remember that Fashion Week is not so much about fashion itself as about art and the ability to impress and attract attention.

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? #VFILESRUNWAY winner @forbiddenkn0wledge ? @depop

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Ambiguous Trends

While some designers, such as Michael Kors, presented rather restrained and conservative images suitable for everyday life, others tried to set ambiguous trends. Blouses with cutouts under the chest are unlikely to shock anyone, but tight-fitting rubber tops from designer Tom Ford may surprise an inexperienced viewer. The trend for underpants peeping out from trousers looks rather strange, as well as for slicked hair. But who knows: maybe in a couple of years such a fashion will reach ordinary consumers?

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The Men’s and Women’s bright pink looks from the SS20 Collection. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDSS20 #NYFW

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Star guest appearances

Presentations of every second brand were held with the participation of star models: Hadid sisters, Winnie Harlow, Halima Aden, Kaya Gerber. The fashion community has admired the release of Irina Shayk in an evening dress from Oscar de la Renta. And, of course, celebrities of the first magnitude were invited to the shows: Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kadashian - you can list celebrities ad infinitum. They all pleased us with fashionable outfits, and someone (Zendaya, Serena Williams) even presented their own clothing lines.