How many bags does a modern woman need?

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A bag is one of the most irreplaceable things in the wardrobe of every woman, not only from a practical point of view. This is an important accessory that complements any look - from everyday to business or evening.

It is believed that in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman there should be at least three bags - a small clutch for walking or an evening look; medium-sized bag for short business trips, trips to work or school; a large bag for long journey or shopping. Such reasonings really sound very logical, but it is unlikely that the manufacturers of bags will agree with them: modern fashion offers a huge number of options for this accessory for a variety of occasions.

What kind of bags exist?

Big bags

Weekend or a small suitcase. The name of the bag speaks for itself: it will fit everything you need to spend a weekend outside the house. Several sets of clothes, washing accessories, a book or notebook, an extra pair of shoes. A great alternative to a suitcase if you are planning a short trip. You can not check in your baggage at the airport.

And this is another version of a capacious bag, but in a sports version. Duffle can be taken to the gym and you can put in it a tracksuit, sneakers, a bottle of water and everything else that can come in handy during and after exercise.

Tote is a large and spacious bag for shopping or long trips in addition to the main baggage. It fits both a laptop and, for example, an additional set of clothes.

Straw is a straw bag. It is similar to the previous version, but is made of straw, which makes it a stylish accessory for the warm season. This is not quite an urban option - more often such bags are used on the beach.

Bowling bags were previously used for their intended purpose: you could put a personal bowling ball in them. But now it is more a stylish accessory for everyday wear. Roomy bag with an interesting shape.

Stylish Bags

Hat box is a round bag. It can become the main decoration of your everyday look.

This model is called Fishing creel. The shape of the bag really resembles fishing basket: it is made of straw, complemented by leather straps and a convenient hinged lid. Ideal for the spring-summer season: walks in the park and a picnic.

Another unusual shape is Takeout, a bag in the shape of a Chinese food box.

A small round handbag depending on the color and style can be used both for official receptions, and for going to the movies or walking with friends. It will fit a phone, keys, wallet and a small cosmetic kit.

Drawsting. Roomy, fashionable and comfortable.

Chain Strap adds originality to any look.

Practical Bags

Attaché is one of the best options for the office. Stylish and strict bag is the choice of real business women. In it important documents will be safe and sound.

Structured is another great option for a business style. One of the most fashionable models to date.

Muff is a great option for the cold season. On the one hand, it is roomy enough for everyday wear. On the other hand, it has special pockets in which you can warm your hands.

A Backpack is one of the most convenient types of bags. Depending on the style and size, it suits different occasions and different images. A backpack is indispensable if you want your hands to remain free. Convenient to take on trips or walks.

Sling is like a backpack, with only one strap.

Surplus is a tool bag. Practical and roomy, you can take it for a hike.

A Fanny Pack is another practical option. We are used to see dog owners walking with such bags because it’s convenient to put a treat in it. But it is also convenient to play sports. And you can use it to create a stylish look.

A Shopper bag allows you to keep your hands free due to a convenient strap that can be hung on your shoulder. But it can be used not only for shopping, as the name may suggest: it is well suited for everyday and even business looks - it all depends on the color and finish of the bag.

Tiny Bags

Wristlet is a small handbag with a strap that can be hung on your wrist. It does not fit a lot of things: documents, cosmetics, a hairbrush, a phone - it is unlikely that anything more will fit into it. But it is convenient for walking, visiting an amusement park or other active exits on weekends: just hang the handbag on your wrist and it will not bother you.

Envelope complements the festive or evening looks, looks stylish and interesting. It will fit your passport, phone and keys - it’s better not to overload this bag, otherwise it will look too swollen, which will completely deprive it of all the charm. Also, this bag usually does not have a strap, so be prepared that you can not let it out of your hands throughout the evening. Not the best travel solution.

Foldover clutch is a very popular folding clutch model. This bag is more practical than the previous version, but also well emphasizes the festive look. But it also does not have straps: you will have to carry it in your hands.

Minaudière is what we often call a clutch. Small handbag with clasps. One of the most capacious options: modern phones with large screens may not fit in it. But it will fit lipstick or mascara, so necessary for the evening party.

A Flat bag will bring a casual touch to your look. It is convenient to use for walks, trips to museums or cafes.

And now try to choose only 3 bags from all this variety! Write your options in the comments!

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