How Meghan Markle’s Style Has Changed Upon Marriage

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Once Meghan Markle’s become the Prince Harry’s wife and the Duchess of Sussex, millions of people closely monitor her life. Each Princess’s dress is studied in detail and subjected to violent discussions. While some people admire Meghan’s courage, others criticize her for being too modern and provocative. Queen Elizabeth has many claims with Meghan, because she too often disregards for Royal dress code. Perhaps, after Megan and her husband Harry declared their intention to abandon the Royal prerogative and “step back”, the style of the Duchess of Sussex will undergo other changes. Finally, the ex-actress will be able to wear her favorite outfits with no judgment. Until then, we have followed the progress of Meghan Markle’s style on a path from actress to the British Duchess and Prince Harry’s wife.

 How Meghan Markle used to dress before marriage

Meghan became popular after the role of Rachel in the popular series Suits. Since then, the worldwide fame has obliged the actress to pay more attention to her appearance and style. On the screen, she relied on the sexiness and often put on a shirt with open buttons and a fitted pencil skirt.

But in everyday life, Meghan preferred more democratic and relaxed style: dresses, jeans, loose blouses and parkas.

For red carpet outings, the celebrity often chose cocktail mini dresses to demonstrate dignities of her figure. No luxurious jewelry and large diamonds, just some simple bracelets, cuffs and bead rings. However, Markle didn’t give up long evening gowns.

The future Duchess had a special passion for mini – she was regularly seen in very short skirts or dresses.

But sometimes Meghan failed and made style mistakes. Take the Golden Globes 2007, for example, where poorly chosen strapless dress distorted her proportions. A ridiculous white bow on the chest became the flashpoint and finally brought her outfit to a fashion failure.

One can say with certainty that at that time Meghan clearly didn’t chase the fashion and wore only clothes she liked the most. She didn’t care about trends and successful combining.

The Prince's wife always liked to stand out from the crowd. No calm outfits, only juicy colors, unusual cut, noticeable prints or decoration.

Today’s Meghan Markle’s style

No surprise, that when Meghan became the member of the Royal family, her style has changed a lot. The dresses became much more elegant, and clothes from leading fashion brands, such as Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, started to dominate her wardrobe. Now, it’s calm and quite simple. Pastel colors and powder shades are her favorite. Love for nude shades is easily explained: they incredibly suit Markle and fit perfectly into the harsh scopes of the Royal Protocol.

It goes without saying, that Meghan had to forget about mini, but she easily found a replacement – she bares her collarbone. Her wardrobe is full of dresses and tops with a boatneck. This neckline creates a bright accent on the shoulders. By the way, these cut is Meghan’s absolute favorite. Even her wedding dress was chosen with a similar neckline. More than that, Meghan is in love with classic coats and hats.

Things of the past: what Meghan had to forget

First of all, the actress has changed her hair stylist. Once Meghan has the status of Princess, she stopped long-term cooperation with Jessica Mulroney, who earlier, during her acting career, picked up clothes her. If previously Megan chose looks guiding by her own taste and preferences, now the Royal etiquette defines the limits.

According to rumors, the Queen didn’t approve Megan’s style, finding it too modern and geeky. Her husband also often gives advice on what best to wear and what to get rid of. According to information from secret sources, Harry doesn’t like when his wife appears in pantsuits in public. But we hope that Megan is still wearing them, at least sometimes, because they really work on her. Look at her pantsuit by Stella McCartney, that she put on during her visit to Australia. In addition, Markle had to give up cropped pants.

What's new in the Meghan’s wardrobe?

Flesh colored tights, a mandatory attribute for all the ladies of the Royal family, is among the innovations. It is unacceptable for them to appear with bare legs, even when it’s hot. More than that, Meghan had to wear clutches instead of shoulder bags, which she always preferred.

Here’s an unusual and interesting fact – all her light summer dresses should have the weights. You wonder why? All because of etiquette. The dress can’t be allowed to up in the wind and show underwear.

No doubt, Meghan Markle’s style became more cautious and strict, but even with all the limitations she hasn’t forgotten about the bright colors and managed to keep the individuality, without turning into a conservative Englishwoman. For example, for a One Young World Summit in 2019, she opted for a spectacular, eye-catching image – purple dress and lilac shoes.

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