How to Dress from Head to Toe in Denim and Look Stylish

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Jeans are one of the symbols of the 90’s. At that time, almost everyone wore denim: from those who simply appreciated its comfort and practicality, to Hollywood stars and even members of the British Royal family. One of the latest trends of the last season is the total-denim look. Let’s review the examples of how to combine items from denim to create stylish modern look referring to the 90's.

Jeans + Jacket

An ensemble of denim jackets and jeans is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the aesthetics of the 90’s. A few years ago, this set was considered as poor taste, but today this interpretation has the right to exist, if taking into account some nuances.

The jacket should either completely repeat the color and style of jeans, or be a few shades darker or lighter. The difference of one or two shades is not noticeable enough to create contrast, but it will create disharmony in the look. Instead of a classic jacket, pay attention to elongated or shortened version. Denim bomber jackets and oversized hoodies are another option, which is worth to try this spring.

The outfit will turn out to be more modern, if you abandon skinny jeans and opt for more interesting models. Denim cargo pants, culottes, palazzos, chinos – previously, such a variety was hard to imagine, but today, designers open up space for experiments.

A simple white blouse or a t-shirt will be a great addition to this ensemble, but variants with bright prints look no less intriguing.

Jeans + Blazer

Fitted denim blazers, as well as jackets from man’s shoulder will seamlessly complement your casual outfits. Following Zendaya’s example, you can create a hooligan look with loose pants. Meanwhile, combining a blazer with a denim skirt, you’ll get a concise and feminine look.

Jeans + Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is versatile and goes well with both a strict simple pencil skirts and cargo pants. The key point here is to follow the classic rule of "light top – dark bottom": the shirt fabric may be a few shades lighter than the jeans’ shade. Complete your outfit with a camel coat to get a trendy street-style look. Another successful technique from bloggers is a “three in one” look - the combination of jeans, denim shirts and denim jackets.

Denim Dresses

Denim dresses and sundresses are trendy again. A minidress, fashioned in the style of a double-breasted jacket, a dress-shirt or a column-dress – the style and cut of the outfit may be any. A win-win option is to wear such a dress with a monochrome turtleneck, not necessarily white, a white blouse with voluminous sleeves or a simple t-shirt.

Jeans + Bralette

A modern interpretation of denim total-look, which is not associated with the era of the 90’s, is a combination of a trendy braletta or a bustier with jeans. This solution looks especially interesting with jeans with a high waistline.

Denim Jumpsuits

If earlier, a jumpsuit was a workers’ uniform, today it is a convenient option for every day, not only for pregnant women, but also for girls who actively follow fashion trends. Models with flared trousers and patch pockets, like on cargo pants, look interesting. In spring, this jumpsuit can be worn with a turtleneck or a shirt, and as a bright accessory, tie a red scarf around your neck.

Right shoes and bright accessories

Another proven way to avoid associations with the 90’s is to dilute the look with bright accessories: a correctly selected belt in the cowboy style, ethnic-themed jewelry, a bright envelope bag or a waist bag – it’s up to you to decide. The final touch is shoes. Depending on the model you choose - Cossacks, ankle boots, mules, suede pumps or derbies - the look will get a completely different interpretation.


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