How to Get Rid of Shopaholism: 6 Rules for Smart Shopping

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Unfortunately, for many, shopping, is real obsession, which is difficult to get rid of. So for example, take heroines of the popular novels “Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella or “Fringues” by Christine Orben. Shopping has become an integral part of their lives. A shopaholic blows huge sums, buying up everything that meets on her way. She keeps doing an attempt to replenish her wardrobe and find happiness.

How often do we buy clothes, guided by a momentary impulse and wanting to cheer ourselves up? Researchers of Point of Purchase Advertising Institute concluded that 60% of all purchases are impulsive. That is, people just come to the shops and take what they accidentally liked. No account, total spontaneity. Only 30% of respondents approach shopping from a rational point of view, buying only what was originally planned.

The figures don’t look very encouraging, however, we have good news for you - you can learn how to correctly make purchases.

How to buy only what you need

Smart shopping was created exactly for this. It was designed to streamline the shopping process and save your money. There are 6 main rules below.


Rule number 1.  Make lists

A simple rule is very effective in practice. Moreover, it doesn’t affect only the wardrobe; it will work when shopping at the supermarket.

Examine your wardrobe carefully, decide on the things that you need to buy. Prepare a detailed shopping list. At the same time, you should plan with which clothes, you already have, you can combine the new ones. Don’t rush to buy a blouse from the latest collection. First think about whether there is a pair for it in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you risk going shopping again and so on forever.


Rule number 2. Shopping as an investment

Approach the shopping process as a way of investing. Let clothes pay dividends. Therefore, rely on universal basic things that will definitely be useful. The next rule follows from this idea.


Rule number 3. Wear here and now

The concept of see now, buy now will help out more than once. Is it wise to invest in clothes you never wear? After all, things are created to be used. Get what you will definitely wear in the near future, no purchases designed for an uncertain future. No one knows how your tastes will change in the future, while today you need a functional wardrobe.


Rule number 4. Bet on quality

Do you believe that you save money by buying cheap clothes? In fact, the opposite is true. Such things, as a rule, quickly fail, which means that another trip to the clothing store is just around the corner.

Take only high-quality fabrics and worthy brands with an established reputation in the market. Such clothes will serve you for a long time and won’t go out of fashion for a long time.

Rule number 5. Emphasize your personality

As the incomparable Coco Chanel said: “Fashion passes, style remains”.  Wear clothes what are right for you, not the magazine cover model. The pursuit of the season’s trends has a deplorable effect on the budget and doesn’t justify investments. By the way, a sale is a great way to get basic things. Complementing them with bright accessories, you will emphasize your personality.


Rule number 6. Go shopping by yourself

It is believed that shopping is better with a girlfriend. There is someone to tell and advice, and it’s more fun together. However, psychologists don’t agree with this logic - being carried away by the process of communication, we can easily make an unnecessary and useless purchase. It’s only up to you to decide weather it’s worth.

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