How to grow bushy eyebrows

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Wide sable eyebrows - perhaps this is the very eternal trend. Of course, lush eyebrows do not make a person a standard of beauty, but make him look younger. Look at popular actors, singers, models: they all have bushy, thick eyebrows. In this article, you will learn how to make your eyebrows thicker, what are the global trends in the field of eyebrows, as well as how to correct the shape and thickness of eyebrows with the help of home procedures.


Your body may not have enough vitamins. Do not make a diagnosis yourself - better visit the trichologist and take the necessary tests. Special oils that can be applied to the eyebrows are excellent: for example, castor oil or oil with vitamin E.

Professional gels and serums for eyebrow growth

These products, as a rule, are specially designed to enhance the growth of natural eyebrows, contain useful ingredients and plant extracts that stimulate metabolic processes. Most of them, by the way, do an excellent job with the task of improving the state of eyelashes.


Do not forget about decorative cosmetics. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw hairs and fill in the gaps, comb your eyebrows with a special brush and at the end fix them with gel. The latter can be used both transparent and with a slight shade.

Do not apply skin care products to eyebrows

Make sure that the cream, serum or face mask does not fall on the eyebrows - yes, this is important. Nutrients can clog hair follicles - hairs can stop growing or even begin to fall out.


In order to grow eyebrows, it will take an average of 15 weeks (and sometimes even more). Be patient, but do not forget to visit a competent brow specialist - he will not remove too much, he will not devalue your work, while giving the eyebrows the desired shape.

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