How to Look Stylish This Winter? Let’s study with Fashion Bloggers

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How fashion bloggers manage to stay stylish even in winter? With their example, we want to find out how to look trendy and keep warm this season.

In winter, many fashion bloggers rely on minimalism and plain clothing. For example, brown or black winter coat will fit almost any look. Dark and light jeans, a knitted sweater with a high collar and plain turtlenecks - all this is perfectly combined with each other. Accents can be placed using unusual or bright accessories-scarves, bags and gloves.

In recent years, the theme of ecology became one of the main trends in the fashion world. More and more brands refuse to use fur and exotic skins. Today, faux fur is produced so efficiently that it is difficult to distinguish from the real one. Therefore, faux fur coats are becoming more popular. Light turtleneck, black leather pants, a teddy bear coat casually draped over – all together, it looks stylish. To complement the look, put on rough black winter boots or sneakers.

This year, teddy bear coats are still on-trend. Both long and short models are popular. A classic fur coat usually has a brown or beige shade. This is the most versatile option for those who like timeless classics. This coat can be worn with dresses and casual jeans. To add some tenderness and romance, pay attention to blouse with ruffles and flounces.

Many bloggers rely on bright colors. The key point here is not to overdo it. With colored fur coats, everyday, monotonous things are perfectly combined. Accessories can also be juicy to match the unusual outerwear.

Puffers also don’t give up their popularity. Copper and silver colors are still relevant this season. Cropped models with oversized pockets as well as multi-layered under outerwear can create very interesting looks.

In winter, light shades always look good in clothes. The most effective option in the cold season is the white total-look. A knitted cardigan with white jeans or a white jacket combined with light trousers looks perfect. In this outfit, you can go to work and to the party. No doubt, it is less versatile than black, but it looks much more impressive. In a warm multi-layered look, white is a must. If the light total-look seems too bold to you, you can combine white clothing with dark colors.


Cropped light jackets can also look stylish and impressive. The main thing is to combine everyday clothes with outerwear. Stylish accessories – gloves, hats, scarves, winter caps-will always help to complement the look.

For those who want to avoid a voluminous top, you should look for a warm winter coat. Outwardly, they do not differ from the demi-season ones, but they allow you to look stylish even in sub-zero temperatures. Both plain coats and models with unusual stylistic solutions look interesting.

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