Jacquemus has prepared for the summer wedding season with the new "LE MARIAGE" collection

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Jacquemus is redefining the concept of a summer wedding in his signature style. Simon Port Jacquemus himself said "I do" during an enchanting summer August wedding in the village of Charleval in the south of France in 2022. Since then, fans of the brand have been mesmerized by the way he has brought his vision to the brand's signature aesthetic inspired by the South of France. 


Now, ahead of summer weddings, the designer has released a new collection, LE MARIAGE. After his wedding, the designer spoke to Vogue about the special day and how he chose the theme and elements for the wedding, "I wanted to be quite solemn, classic and at the same time have a piece of veil in my pocket. I thought it was poetic and carried a nice message, bringing in fragility and femininity.... I liked the cliché side of it." 

Like his own wedding, he brought a similar vision to the collection, combining the traditional and classic with a vibrant vibe. 


Creating the perfect bridal party, the brand offers bold, monochromatic outfits for bridesmaids in bright orange and red tones and for wedding guests in vibrant blues, yellows and even greens. 


Accessories such as large hats are back in fashion, while sheer materials are used tastefully and paired with loose-fitting suits. 

Each piece incorporates a sense of softness to lend serenity to the occasion and an unconventionality that reflects the true touch of Jacquemus.

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