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Sailor Moon and Popeye the Sailor: Kenzo showed new marine collection SPRING 2023 MENSWEAR

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27 Jun 2022

The creative director of the Kenzo NIGO presented his second collection as part of the Men's Fashion Week in Paris. The Kenzo Spring/Summer 2023 models are a compilation of traditional French and Japanese fashion from 50 years ago. The main theme of the show is the naval uniform. However, the clothes turned out to be so cheerful, light and bright that some viewers compared the models with the famous cartoon characters Popeye the Sailor.

Source: Kenzo

The collection consists of suits and skirts in plaid, striped and curved stripes that create an optical illusion. The highlight was the traditional red poppy, which the designers used as brooches, appliqués and embroidery. Many of the looks were complemented by classic French berets with the K-shaped logo.

Source: Kenzo

The line of knitwear from Kenzo also looked bright: models in knitted jumpers, sweaters and caps, reminiscent of hippie clothes of the 70s, appeared on the catwalk. In the new season, the brand's designers recommend that we wear knitted stockings with slippers, and boldly combine classic jackets with Bermuda shorts.

Source: Kenzo

A separate line in the collection includes striped knitted scarves that send us to the French seaside of the last century, as well as bright neckerchiefs.

Source: Kenzo

But the main characters of the show were, of course, the marine peakless cap and the guis collar, which were found both in informal beach and business looks.

As NIGO said after the show, he wanted to remember those times when French fashion was at the peak of popularity in Japan and local designers tried to introduce it into traditional local clothes.

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