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Kim Kardashian’s Skims х Fendi Collaboration: what you need to know

Last month, the fashion world was caught by surprise when Fendi partnered with Versace for a cross-pollination runway show Fendace. Now, the former is partnering with yet another brand for one of this year’s most unexpected collaborations. This time, the fashion house led by Kim Jones has joined forces with the American socialite Kim Kardashian and her underwear brand Skims.

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The debut Fendi x Skims collaboration combines the aesthetic codes of both brands to create a capsule wardrobe for the modern woman. The source of inspiration for the designers was the archival collection of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi, released back in 1979. For example, the collection features form-fitting velvet silhouettes, skin-tight leather dresses in graduated flesh tones, beachwear and shapewear in bold shades, embellished with a hybrid logo.

Photo: press-service

The idea for a partnership came to Fendi creative director Kim Jones during a meeting with his team in Rome. "Suddenly, all the women went silent and started looking at their phones." Jones said in a statement. "I didn't know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new SKIMS collection. It was then that I thought: let's do something together."

"Both Fendi and Skims have a cultural power very different from each other, but equally as strong," Kim Kardashian West noted in the statement. "The innovation in fabrics and fit typical to Skims paired with the luxury and quality of Fendi may feel unexpected to some people, but the similarities between our creative vision and goals are so closely aligned. It's that tension that excites me."