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Leather Shirt and Leggings with Business Skirt: Salvatore Ferragamo AW 2020 Fashion Show

Paul Andrew, women’s creative director at Salvatore Ferragamo, follows well-considered recipe for success: to use commercially successful techniques. More than that, the designer clearly thinks about the heroine of his collection. All items are easy to imagine on a modern citizen of the metropolis – some outfits are possible to be borrowed immediately as a total look, some items can complete your wardrobe and make it more creative.

First of all, we are talking about leather clothes. Leather is a key trend of 2020. In the spring/summer collection, we have already seen flirting with this trend, but in the new season, it will be even greater. And it is not about the usual outerwear or pants (which, by the way, are also in the collection, there are leather pants of cinnamon color with a high waist – this is love at first sight).

Photo: vogue.com/fashion-shows

Andrew invites to wear a leather shirt with business suits. Thanks to this fashion technique, too verified looks get bourgeois chic. In fact, nothing surprising: suit + shirt is a rather habitual ensemble; but the very essence is different. While earlier the strict canons of business style required wearing shirts not only of certain colors, but also textures, now all the rules have sunk into oblivion. Favorite leather dresses and skirts are among obvious hits. But Salvatore Ferragamo offers other several interesting options for every taste. For those who want something more creative, the brand presented overalls of burnt caramel with wide buckles on the straps.

Speaking about modern business suit, here is another interesting item – suit pants with a very high waist. The designer suggests wearing it with transparent bra. The idea is certainly bold for everyday life. On the other hand, this is a clear hint of breaking the business dress code’s boundaries. It is gradually dying out. So the idea of wearing leggings under a wool midi skirt, not tights, seems absurd only at first glance. Why not? This is both comfortable and warm.

Photo: vogue.com/fashion-shows

What else would you wear with a business skirt? You can use a voluminous sweater with appliqués or a business shirt, also decorated with embroidery or applique (volume and applique are another two trends of the new season).

Key colors of the collection are all shades of beige, from camel color to terraсotta, and rich shades of Burgundy, blue, green and grey.

Photo: vogue.com/fashion-shows