Moscow Fashion Week. Day 4

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The new day of the Moscow Fashion Week pleased with summer weather and bright fashion shows. The stylist and WFC correspondent Ekaterina Belyaeva tells more. The show of the METRICS Academy of Branding and Design opened the fourth day. Guests of the open show of the main amphitheater of Zaryadye saw a real riot of colors and a variety of shapes. Graduates of the online academy demonstrated feminine, voluminous and bright dresses and tops with flounces and ethnic images stylized with turbans and large beads.



Romantic and at the same time daring collection. All images are worked out and executed very professionally.

The future of Russian fashion inspires great hopes: there are so many talented works of students!

The fashion show in Zaryadye was continued by the brand Industry from Rostov-on-Don. He presented to the attention of the guests minimalistic images inspired by the element of water — powerful in strength, but calm in spirit — as well as the idea of harmony and individuality of a person. Straight lines, laconic cut, glossy texture of silk - personified the element of water, floral prints of long dresses - calmness and harmony.



The brand presented dresses for women with forms at the show, which demonstrated its adherence to global trends for inclusiveness.

Great clothing for every day with options and for special occasions.

The EQ.ONA brand continued the theme of minimalism with the "Mystery of the East" collection. Laconic cut, perfect combinations of discreet color palette and feminine silhouette became the basis of the new line. Here it was possible to combine classics and fashion trends and at the same time delicately and very stylishly use elements of traditional Chinese and Japanese outfits.



Noble fabrics add gloss and luxury to the collection, causing a desire to go to the already opened Moscow Fashion Week market right after the show and immediately buy the things you like. Status and stylish images.

A young brand from the northern capital DISOBEDIENCE presented its creations in the format of a dance show. Models in rather simple street clothes walked down the runway to dynamic music: hoodies, T-shirts with sharply social inscriptions and prints, cargo pants, bombers and dresses with bare shoulders.



The collection is almost monochrome. The brand used two main colors: black and khaki. The result was very simple, but hooligan images in street aesthetics.

The BITTE_RUHE brand promotes smart consumption and the principles of slow fashion. Following these concepts, the brand releases new items, complementing the already created range of models, but does not produce completely new models every season. In the clothes presented on the catwalk of the Moscow Fashion Week, one can see references to the Renaissance and the 70s, as well as a gravitation towards modern fashion trends.



All this gives the BITTE_RUHE girl the opportunity to show her individuality and at the same time feel confident and comfortable, which, in fact, reflects the philosophy of the brand's designer Ksenia Kudryashova. Clothing of different textures, shapes and colors, but it is united by the author's clearly visible main idea: comfortable feminine images for a modern girl.

By the way, at the show, guests were presented with books with paper dolls and their clothes, repeating the clothes of the brand - this is very touching and caused a smile and sweet nostalgia for childhood in many. Cute fashion show and charming clothes.

Juicy colors and cheerfulness on the fourth day of the Fashion Week were brought by the brand Osipova Dasha. The shown collection was full of bright colors and prints. Hairstyles with bows and ribbons, hats in the shape of a scallop shell or with bees gave some infantilism to the images.



Cute clothes, obviously focused on young girls, however, with skillful styling, some of them will be interesting to refresh and complement the images of other age categories.

The fashion marathon continued with the show of the main storyteller of Russian fashion Alena Akhmadullina. A special collection of AKHMADULLINA autumn-winter 2022/23 was presented on the Moskvoretskaya embankment of the Zaryadye park. The collection consists of four parts, united by a single theme of a modern interpretation of the traditional Russian costume.

In the first part of the show, guests saw voluminous silhouettes in pastel colors. Some models were decorated with a print in the form of large cross-stitched roses, which looks very impressive.

Further along the Moskvoretskaya embankment, under the rays of the setting, but scorching sun, the models paraded in printed suits and fur coats made of rabbit fur, embroidered with a “pixel cross” in the same large colors.



After fur coats, knitted sweaters and suits of all shades of pink appeared on the catwalk. Knitted dresses convinced the guests of the show that in the coming winter there would be no need to choose between femininity and practicality.


The final part of the show combined dresses in the silhouettes of a traditional Russian costume, decorated with signature prints of Akhmadullina and the main pattern of the new line.



A magnificent fairy tale about the beautiful present of Russian fashion has become a reality.

This was followed by the debut show of the STUDIO 29 brand. The idea of the Top View collection was inspired by the views from the airplane window.



Designer Tanya Fomicheva has reimagined topographic views of the landscape, using rich colors, textures of materials, fittings, clear cut lines and straight silhouettes.



Very functional and practical clothes for dynamic everyday urban life came out.

The VESTIAIRE brand was founded in 2014 in Paris as a personal style studio. In 2015, an atelier and studio was opened in Moscow. The main task and idea of the brand is to create a basic wardrobe out of time and fashion trends.



The Couture for Everyday collection presented in Zaryadye is inspired by the luxury of the 50s and 60s, hence the architectural solidity and complexity of the cut. However, the presented models gave the impression of being comfortable for living in a metropolis and appropriate in almost any situation.

The fourth day of the Moscow Fashion Week was closed by the White Crow brand show. The motto of the designers Nata and Anton is: "Resting in the moment - be here and now", hence the Japanese aesthetics as the basis for creativity. The guests of the show saw minimalistic, simple forms, lines, fabrics, laconic colors. It is more pleasant to be here and now, to rest in the moment when the clothes are comfortable. The uniqueness of the style is emphasized by the polygonal design of prints and selected fittings.



There are 3 more days of the main fashion event of the season ahead.

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