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Milan Fashion Week: 85 catchy outfits from spring-summer 2021 collections

The third fashion week has come to an end. The Italians, known for their deep love and respect for their traditions, once again reaffirmed their dedication to long-standing rules and customs. Although some brands such as Gucci and Bottega Veneta refused to participate in Milan Fashion Week, most of the designers presented their spring-summer 2021 collections in the usual offline format. Of course, all the shows were carried out in compliance with all safety rules - the guests either sat at a great distance from each other or were completely absent.

Some of the hottest Milan Fashion Week topics were the Prada fashion show, presenting the first joint collection of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the Moschino puppet show, and the debut of plus-size models in the Versace show. In addition to bold and innovative solutions, Milan Fashion Week was full of new trends. So, next spring, we will put on capes and dresses that resemble blankets and sheets (say hi to lockdown mood), continue to wear micro shorts and crop tops, but supplementing them with a jacket made of the same fabric.  We will also try not to get tangled in long fringes and vents and take inspiration from Paris Hilton 2000s outfits, composing a look with visible G-strings. Well, next spring-summer season is going to be damn hot!

All beige and pink shades, cornflower blue, lavender, and, of course, permanent white have become the primary colors of most collections. Perhaps such a unanimous choice of a delicate palette is due to the designers' involuntary desire to move away from all those sensitive and dynamic events that crush the entire 2020 and to achieve peace and tranquility, at least in fashion.