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Modern interpretation of Russian traditional costume in AKHMADULLINA Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection

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27 Jun 2022

In the Fall/Winter 2022/23 special collection, AKHMADULLINA turns to her DNA theme - the Russian costume. Working with this topic for more than 20 years, Alena Akhmadullina, the founder of the brand, is sure that traditions continue to live when they are integrated into everyday life, and do not exist in the format of museum exhibits. “Dissecting” the elements of the national image and decor into their characteristic components, the brand presents their modern interpretation through the prism of its own unique style.


The beginning of any suit is the cut, and AKHMADULLINA turns to the characteristic Russian volume, hypertrophying it and building on it the first minimalistic block of the collection. Lush silhouettes in discreet pastel colors are combined with caramel cross-stitch embroidery. Traditional floral motifs are pixelated and made using the modern technique of three-dimensional embroidery in one color.


The second block is based on working with quilting and patchwork techniques, which are the DNA techniques of the brand. It includes quilted padded jackets, printed suits and fur coats created using the intarsia technique: from rabbit fur embroidered with a “pixel cross” and from fox fur in two shades with an imitation of a shawl thrown over.


In the third block, the volume and silhouette are complemented by warm knitted textures and increasing color brightness. The DNA elements of the brand - braids and kokoshniks - are located on the models in a positive pink color scheme.


In the fourth block, Russian silhouettes meet with the brand's signature prints, the elements of which are drawn in 3D volumetric technique. Multicolor ornaments flow into the evening couture block, becoming even brighter and more complex. Silhouettes, décor and accessories increase, on the one hand, maximizing the idea of volume from which it all began, on the other hand, bringing the collection to a common denominator and presenting a holistic vision of contemporary Russian style.



The looks of the models at the AKHMADULLINA show are traditionally the responsibility of the specialists of Aldo Coppola beauty centers. For more than 20 years, a creative team of professionals has been making an invaluable contribution to the development of fashion, collaborating with leading photographers and global fashion brands. Together with AKHMADULLINA, the masters have created a modern image of a Russian beauty, reflecting the main idea of the collection, which at the same time is fully consistent with the philosophy of natural beauty.

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