Neon Colors, Crop Tops and Spectacular Mini: 6 Style Lessons from Dua Lipa

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The combination of femininity and brutality, love for crop tops and neon colors: the singer Dua Lipa has her unique style not only in music, but also in clothing.

Love for Crop Tops

Dua Lipa became famous not only for her musical talent, but also for her unique style, which harmoniously combines sporty, romantic and classic items, bright colors and ridiculous prints.

One of the most favorite items of the singer's wardrobe is crop tops, that she wears with loose jeans, oversized jackets and short skirts, focusing on a slim waist and showing off her toned abs. In addition to crop tops, she adores cropped blouses, sweatshirts, sweaters and t-shirts that emphasize her femininity and fragility.

Spectacular Evening Outings

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Dua Lipa is sure that red carpets were not created for boring, but for bright and spectacular outfits that will be long remembered by all fans and photographers. For the Global Awards 2020, she slipped into a long, form-fitting Mugler dress with a dramatic slit, and hit Grammy ceremony in a white flowing ensemble by Alexander Wang.

The singer relies not only on provocative cuts and unusual silhouettes, but also on bright colors. In 2019, for the American Music Awards, she chose a fuchsia satin Miu Miu gown, that will be very relevant in the spring/summer 2020, and complemented it with a choker with a massive emerald, a wide bracelet and a pair of massive rings.

Neon Colors – Bright Accent of Wardrobe

The singer's love for spectacular outfits and neon colors didn’t come to her right away – she used to prefer more classic clothes and low-key makeup. After the release of her first album in 2017, she went blonde, deleted almost all old photos from her ******* and completely changed her style.

Now her whole appearance can be described as a revolt against the monochrome and restraint – she loves different neon shades and is not afraid to combine them in one look. Yellow shirt, pink jeans, green sneakers and blue earrings - to wear all of this together, you need to have not only courage, but also a great sense of style. Dua Lipa just does her best!

Recently, the star announced that she would start releasing her own merch, and showed the first collection of sportswear with bold lettering and swimwear with her own image in the anime style. Bodysuit with deep cut-outs, leggings, socks and headbands in the style of aerobics classes from the 1980’s are made in bright neon colors, so now all fans of the singer will be able to dress just like their favorite performer.

The Combination of Sexuality and Brutality

One of the main techniques of the Dua Lipa’s unique style is a harmonious combination of sexuality and brutality, which is typical for glam rock. The singer is trying to "tame" provocative clothes with something more coarse and wears translucent suits with oversized black leather jackets with chains, turtlenecks and leather corsets, she also combines oversized jackets with bright high-heeled jack boots.

Sparkly Dresses in Disco Style

Dua Lipa is also fond of outfits in the disco style, decorated with glitter, rhinestones, sequins, fringe and feathers. She wears them not only for stage, but also for shooting, partying and dating. Choosing such outfits, she always goes for broke and bets on the mini, provocative necklines and bright high-heeled shoes.

Signature Hairstyle and Makeup

Her favorite hairstyle is a high ponytail or a bun on the top of the head and two released strands, framing the face. Dua Lipa styles her hair in this way not only in everyday life, but also for social events. This trend returned to us from the late 90’s, when Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell and other celebrities went with the same styling.

The idea to revive retro strands and make them a feature of the singer came up with her stylist Chris Appleton – now this hairstyle is repeated not only by celebrities’ fans, but also by other stars, such as Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Lucy Boynton.

The singer pays much time to skin care and prefers bright makeup with eyeshadows of pink, neon yellow, blue and purple. Dua Lipa makes the main emphasis on deliberately clumped long lashes and wide thick eyebrows, which she styles using a transparent gel.


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