New Details on the ‘Stolen Dress’ Case

Vogue Runwy

The story about the stolen design of the famous Versace dress has a new development. We’re talking about the “Jungle Print” dress that Jennifer Lopez made famous in 2000 and closed the brand's show at Milan Fashion Week this fall.

In November 2019, Versace sued Fashion Nova, the ultra-fast fashion retailer. According to representatives of the Italian brand, Fashion Nova “deliberate copies and imitations of [its] most famous and recognizable designs, marks, symbols and other protected elements”.

Nevertheless, Fashion Nova doesn’t admit guilt. According to company representatives, Versace’s registrations should be cancelled because the prints are not all that original and/or they are the type of thing that the Copyright Office is reluctant to protect. In their opinion, these are standard geometric shapes and patterns that are freely available and widely used in the fashion industry. Thus, Fashion Nova claims that the design of the dress shouldn’t be protected by copyright.

While the final court decision is unknown, it remains only to observe this resonant case.

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