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No, Not Black: How to Replace This Usual Color in Winter

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For many, black is considered to be mournful. That’s why women prefer black in their wardrobes in winter. It’s something like a mourning for the bygone summer and warmth. But we decided to destroy this stereotype and figure out how to replace the dark color in the cold. It's time to add some contrast to your wardrobe!

People often fall into the trap of their own habits and every day strive for a safe combination of colors. Most girls prefer to always wear black, believing that this is an easy way to look stylish and elegant (and slim, of course). But at some point, the combination of dark colors becomes boring, and the looks become battered.

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Any wardrobe should start with basic things. Usually, they include T-shirts, turtlenecks, pants, shirts, suitable in cut and color palette. But some essential items are necessarily added to basic clothing. These are bright jewelry, bright clothes, evening dresses, clothes with prints, etc.  In any image, you need to correctly maintain a balance. Thus, you will get away from a dull black to a vivid look.


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A few years ago, a puffer was only associated with something practical and comfortable. Now it is a must-have item in any fashionable wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of sizes and colors. This season, the most non-standard shapes and colors are appreciated. Don’t worry if you are not ready to buy a fuchsia puffer right after plain outerwear. It can be supplemented with less juicy attributes: black jeans, rough boots and a neutral cap. Beige clothing goes well with a red or emerald puffer. If you feel uneasy in too bright colors, opt for an outerwear in delicate pink and complement the look with grey accessories.

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White is often considered to be easily soiled and impractical. However, white outerwear will immediately look out of place. With the help of a white puffer, you can create a lot of feminine and romantic looks. By the way, during Christmas Holidays, white clothing will look beautiful and festive.

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Recently, winter coats have become extremely trendy. This season, it is recommended to opt for a bright color. Be sure, in such a coat, your everyday life will immediately sparkle with new colors.

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A fur coat is another hot trend of this season. But try to move away from standards and decide on some bolder options. For example, you can choose a bright short fur coat and complement it with clothes of neutral tones.

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If you don’t want to look out of place, you can purchase outerwear of a neutral shade and just add some accessories to diversify the look. Follow the rule: in combination with plain clothes, a hat, a scarf or shoes have to be bright.

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Everyday clothes can be easily diluted with wine shade. It won’t be able to replace black, but to add an accent is enough. Wine color can be both primary and secondary in the image.

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Inspired by when I worked as a burlesque dancer as I was working to become a star, these shades remind me of my times on the lower east side in New York and the identity I created for myself then. I assume many would expect my first palette to be full of crazy colors, but the truth is when I was first discovering my identity, self-love, and compassion, I used colors that would contour, shape, and amplify my look in a way that made me feel beautiful. That made me feel famous from the inside out, even when no one knew who I was. Step into our glam room, and enjoy the FAME. Available on @hauslabs ( & tomorrow at 9am PT, and at our pop up in LA Thurs/Fri

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Adding just one bright printed element to your wardrobe, you can get away from everyday life. It is important that the shoes should be neutral in this case.

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If you can’t completely refuse the black, use the “black top, bright bottom” scheme and vice versa. For example, a dark skirt goes well with a beige, pink, blue sweater. And the top of a difficult cut looks great with black jeans. Schooly "white top, black bottom" can also look stylish and relevant.

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Silver and gold will definitely add some spice to the image. Juicy neon colors will dilute a dull wardrobe. However, it’s important not to overdo it and not to use the entire palette of colors in one look. Trying to get away from black, it is important not to push yourself into another trap.

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