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Non-standard beauty: top models with a bright appearance

The fashion industry has long been trying to abandon bored standards. 90-60-90 and fishy face are no longer guarantors of success on the podium. We introduce the top models with a bright and non-standard appearance that all eminent brands are hunting for!

Ashley Graham

Today Ashley Graham is one of the most successful plus-size models, making millions of women around the world proud of their curvaceous forms. But it wasn’t always like that. During her childhood peers often made fun of Graham because of her excess weight, which is why she developed complexes and self-doubt. However, much has changed since then, and Graham managed to not only star in photo shoots for Glamor, Vogue magazines and work with many famous brands, but also gain confidence.

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Winnie Harlow

One of the most unusual models of our time - Winnie Harlow - gained popularity after participating in the " America's Next Top Model " project and earned the love of millions of people around the world due to her non-standard appearance. Winnie suffers from vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder in the skin that causes white spots on her face and body. As a child Harlow was teased because of her features, but this did not stop her from becoming one of the most sought-after models who managed to work with brands such as Desigual, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

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Ride em 🏇🏿💜

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Valentina Sampaio

Looking at this sweet and gentle girl it is hard to imagine that once she was a man! Science early childhood Valentina had to fight for the right to be herself. At the beginning of her career she often faced discrimination, but then she managed to become the first transgender model to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. Recently she joined Victoria's Secret underwear brand. Valentina hopes that her example will inspire many people to stop being afraid of being themself.

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If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! Out there spreading good vibes with @laisribeiro @borntofashiontv backstage ✌🏻✨💕

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Shaun Ross

The world of modeling is not limited to women. There are many bright stars among male models, such as Shaun Ross. Shaun became the first albino model in the world. As well as many other people with a distinguished appearance, the boy was bullied and teased as a child. But a visit to the dance studio changed Ross’s life, he gained confidence in himself and since then managed to turn into a popular and successful model. Ross photoshoots appeared in Vogue and Paper Magazine, he also starred in the music videos by Lana del Rey, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

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@acnestudios thank you for welcoming me into the family. Oh and yes the boots are my new collaboration with @unitednude coming this fall. I hope enjoy

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Jillian Mercado

This bright and stylish woman, who has become the main face of the Diesel brand, has been confined to a wheelchair for many years due to muscular dystrophy. But this does not prevent her from having an interesting and eventful life, acting in advertisements for fashion brands, blogging about fashion and delighting the thousandth army of her subscribers on Instagram with new inspiring images. But once she did not believe that the photos of the model in a wheelchair can cause any positive feedback, except for the negative.

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be a better person everyday, making your intentions pure. you’ll attract who and what you are, what you’ll maintain. ⁣ -⁣ i personally have been looking out for myself more then ever before. waking up earlier, doing the most important things first, drinking plenty of water daily, taking in the sun, making myself workout a few times a week, writing, calling the people most important to me, doing the things that bring me joy, finishing or staring projects, learning how to say no, spring cleaning people... yup you heard that correct. it’s important to look around you once in a while and if the people surrounding you aren’t lifting you to your best potential, it’s time to go. ⁣ -⁣ in no way shape or form do I keep this routine perfectly but im learning to listen to myself and energy more than ever. learning to love myself more and more. ⁣ -⁣ what are your routines to keep your anxiety or stress at a low? ⁣ -⁣ photograph by @irachernova - image description: on a bed reading and showing you myself at my most zen

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Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen is one of the most experienced models in the world, because she has been working in this industry for more than seventy years! In 1945 she starred in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, and gradually her career went uphill. Carmen participated in Hermes shows, starred in dozens of advertising campaigns of famous brands, and continued to appear on the catwalk even after she turned 80.

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All these people prove that beauty is very different and that there are no flaws in appearance - there are features that only emphasize individuality.

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