Pencil Skirt: Why It Is an Important Wardrobe Item

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Every modern woman has at least one pencil skirt in her wardrobe. So, we’re going to tell you what models you should pay attention to.

Trendy pencil skirts for confident women

Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Blumarine, Givency

Pencil skirt fits hips and narrows towards the bottom. The length is usually just above or below the knee. The first pencil skirt appeared in the 1940's thanks to Christian Dior, and still hasn’t lost its relevance. Skirts of this type could often be seen on A-list Hollywood beauties, namely Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

You can find the pencil skirt with slit in front or back. Any woman’s walk becomes smoother, feminine and confident in this skirt. That’s why business ladies are also fond of pencil skirts.

Trendy pencil skirts are sewn from different fabrics like leather, cotton, satin, velvet, linen or jeans. Pencil skirts decorated with pockets, lace panels, buttons, bold print, and hook-closure or belts look great, too.

With the help of a pencil skirt, you can create any look from business to casual or romantic. The key point is to choose the correct top.


The advice of stylists: what to wear with a pencil skirt

Silk, chiffon and knitted blouses will be an excellent addition to the pencil skirt. Shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and short tops will also work with such skirts.

What to wear with a pencil skirt, also depends on fabric of the skirt.

  • If you have a suede pencil skirt, feel free to combine it with turtlenecks and high-heeled shoes.
  • Blue denim skirt will look good with blouses and T-shirts.
  • For leather pencil skirt with high waist, choose a one-color shirt or sleeveless top.
  • Complete knitted pencil skirt with a sweater, sports shoes and accessories.
  • Knitted skirt paired with a short top will help you to create a truly glamorous look.


What pencil skirt to choose, according to your body type

It should be noted that this type of skirt is versatile and suits girls of any weight. After all, well-chosen fabric, color and cut can hide figure flaws and emphasize dignity.

For example, the pencil skirt of dark color with a high waist or a belt will draw attention away from wide hips. To look taller, it is better to choose a pencil skirt a few inches below the knee.

For a curvy figure, choose a skirt of dark color with a high waistline, the length should be a little below the knee. Combine this skirt with a loose blouse.

If you want to visually add some volume to your figure, choose a skirt with peplum. Slim girls should wear a bright pencil skirt with a bold print, asymmetrical lines or slit. And to emphasize the waist, you can use a massive belt.

The right pencil skirt will help short girls become taller and visually lengthens legs. It is better to choose black, white or dark blue knee length classic skirt. If the skirt is high waisted and has a front slit, it’s even better.

Heeled sandals or pumps will perfectly complete your look. By the way, short girls should avoid prints and asymmetry.

What to wear with pencil skirts: fashion trends 2020

A great option is the oversized jumper. It can be worn over the skirt, and the if you want to emphasize your waist, use a stylish belt. Or, conversely, tuck the jumper into the skirt and slightly loose its edge.

Light blouses or shirts will look perfect with pencil skirts. You can also look for jewelry, but it shouldn’t be long.

By the way, shirts will fit to a pencil skirt of any type: whether it’s from cotton, suede or lace. Blouses with bows, flounces or ruffles will help you create a trendy look with pencil skirt. Feel free to choose blouses with short sleeves or even without them.

Stylish straight tops will be a great option for the pencil skirt. Take a top with drape or peplum, and combined even with the most strict pencil skirt, your look will be elegant.

As for shoes, the pencil skirt will look good the high heel shoes, sandals, ankle boots or platform shoes.

What to wear with a pencil skirt in the color palette

Beige pencil skirt can be worn with the top of muted pastel shades: coffee, milk chocolate or cream. Combine the skirt with a bright shirt, pinstriped or with wide pale pink sweater.

Under a black leather pencil skirt white lace top is a perfect option.

Yellow pencil skirt will look cool with blue or black top. This can be a fitted black crop top, dark blue shirt or even a tunic. A yellow skirt will also look great with a blue denim jacket. You can also add a white top or scarf to this look. Turquoise or blue shirt can be fastened on the site or tucked into a yellow pencil skirt.

Blue pencil skirt can be combined with beige, cool light pink, yellow or turquoise top. And with the help of white blouses or shirts, you can create a business look.

If you have a multi-colored pencil skirt, the top must be solid.

Pay attention to animal print, which is extremely popular this season. You can complete the look with a simple white sweater or a black turtleneck.

For a classic white pencil skirt, pick up the top with black-and-white stripes.

Always trendy – ideas

Classic solid pencil skirt will be always on-trend. Sometimes, it is diluted with bright details or a variety of decoration. A pencil skirt with polka dot or plaid is very popular now. Black or white top, combined with a bright lipstick, bag, belt or coat, is a win-win option.

Original outfit is a pencil skirt with a floral print. A solid top and simple shoes will successfully complete it. If you wear a pencil skirt with geometric print, you won’t regret it. Just don't forget to add red lipstick, blue shoes and a bright clutch to your look.

Lace pencil skirt promises to be a real hit this season. Skirt can be pure lace or lace can be used sparingly as decoration. The outfit, consisted of knitted sweater of the same color as the skirt with a lace pencil skirt, will look chic. Silk blouses or tops is a perfect option for lace pencil skirt. This fashionable skirt will look great with a oversized knitted t-shirt.

Alessandra Rich весна-лето 2020

Romantic looks with a pencil skirt

For a romantic walk, you can pay attention to a skirt with a floral or leopard print, lace or cutout in the front. Add a lace top or a soft blouse, sleeveless, pumps, stylish bag and go on a date.

Blumarine весна-лето 2020

Everyday images with a pencil skirt

To create a casual look, opt for a plain pencil skirt combined with a shirt or t-shirt of vivid colors. Leather or knitted skirts are perfect with a turtleneck or sweater, and a tight shirt or top.

Business look with a pencil skirt

To create a business look, it’s better to choose plain pencil skirt of dark color, add a bright shirt, a silk or lace blouse, pumps. The image can also be supplemented with a stylish jacket.

The look with a pencil skirt for outing

The look for outing can be created with floral or white pencil skirt. Bright green, blue or red pencil skirts will also look great. Complete it with the plain top and jewelry.

A festive evening look with a pencil skirt

For evening outfit, put on a lace pencil skirt combined with a crop top or silk blouse, you can also choose shoes or sandals with heels. To make your look more festive, add accessories or decorations.

Spring/summer 2020 top fabrics

Among the variety of skirts, you can always choose the option that suits you. This season, pencil skirts made of leather, suede and denim, and knitted pencil skirt are popular.

Looks with a leather pencil skirt

Leather pencil skirts perfectly emphasize the dignity of the female figure. This skirt will perfectly suit a monochromatic shirt, blouse with short sleeves, sleeveless tops of white color or pastel shades. If you choose a leather skirt, it will be better to combine it with a discreet and minimalistic classic items: straight silhouette and simple lines. Such a skirt can be combined with the cloak, a coat, a cropped jacket and heeled shoes.

Knitted pencil skirt

The skirt of this type tightly hugs the figure so it looks better on slender girls. Often, knitted pencil skirts are complemented with zippers, buttons or animal print.

To create a casual look, combine the skirt with boxy sweaters or t-shirts, while business outfit can be created from jackets, blouses or shirts.

Denim pencil skirt

Denim skirts are versatile, and their colors change depending on the season. For example, in the autumn usually, black, grey or dark blue denim skirts should be combined with dark sweaters, blouses or turtlenecks. In spring and summer, a blue denim skirt looks great with bright shirts, blouses, lace shirts or t-shirts.

Suede pencil skirt

With a suede pencil skirt, you can create a unique look for both casual and office style. Suede skirts look perfect with oversized sweaters, shirts with stripes and plaid. And don’t forget that suede skirts of light colors are best combined with a dark top and vice versa. To create a romantic look, just pay attention to suede skirt pastel colors and add a top or a short shirt. By the way, suede skirts of sandy-beige colors are very popular this season: they are perfectly combined with dark trousers and shoes on a high heel.

Knitted pencil skirts

A novelty of this season is a knitted pencil skirt. It is better to choose models of medium or short length, as they emphasize your slim legs. It’s better to combine such a skirt with plain sweaters, white T-shirts or turtlenecks. Accessories, sports shoes or low-heeled shoes are perfect for a knitted pencil skirt.

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