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Prom Dress and Hair Balls: Worst SAG Awards Looks

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SAG Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles at Sunday night. A-list actors and actresses attended the ceremony and pleased us with glamorous looks. However, there were those whose outfits turned out to be rather controversial. We’ve collected the most failed star outfits.

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Foreign media joke that the 41-year-old actress Gwendoline Christie can't part with the image of Brienne of Tarth – the heroine of the acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. For her red carpet outings, Christie chooses frilly outfits with references to a particular historical era. So, this time the actress opted for a voluminous black dress by Rick Owens, that has totally ruined her proportions: her hips seem too wide and the waist line is heavily distorted.

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Another failed image was demonstrated by Christie’s colleague –Nathalie Emmanuel (30). Voluminous Miu Miu dress with floral print would look nice without major application, located over the main ornament.


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The singer Cynthia Erevo (33) also chose the controversial outfit for the ceremony. Cynthia posed in a juicy pink couture dress from the Schiaparelli collection. The image turned out to be not very successful because of the chosen shade and voluminous asymmetrical skirt.


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29-year-old Sarah Hyland totally stole the 2020 SAG show in an asymmetric dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. Purple outfit combined with floral print looked interesting, but, according to Western critics, its style is more suitable for proms than for a solemn ceremony. Too short length of the front part sharply contrasted with a long train and spoiled the whole impression.

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One of the worst images was demonstrated by the actress Cara Buono: there are already memes on Instagram, that compare randomly located black feathers details with hair balls.