Sabrina Carpenter stars in SKIMS campaign

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Becoming the face of Skims is a sign of a high recognition for anybody from the media space. Kim Kardashian engaged such stars as Lana Del Rey, Cardi B, Usher to promote the brand. 24-year-old American actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter is joining this rank. Her new song "Feather" just got on the top of the Billboard chart, she disembarked as a headliner of Taylor Swift's concert tour, and soon she will debut at the Coachella. 

SKIMS just dropped the new items in the Stretch Lace and Fits Everybody lines, which are represented by Sabrina Carpenter. 

The former Disney star appeared in an ad campaign that seems to be the most flirty of the brand. Kim continues the way of the coquette core, she started in a collaborative collection with Lana Del Rey. 

The photos taken by the British photographer Jack Bridgeland, known for his extravagant and daring work, are fuelled by the spirit of the 90s and early 2000s. We see the familiar scenery — the adolescent-style bedroom with pink wallpaper, floral curtains and bedding. There are fan posters of 80s music bands on the walls, stacks of CDs and a pink record player on the terry carpet and a landline phone on the bedside table. The girl listens to music on a personal compact disc player through wired headphones.


In this setting, in knee-high socks and with ribbon bows in her hair, Sabrina presents the new Skims arrivals. The STRETCH LACE line is more flirty and feminine lace items like: corset bra, lace top revealing the abs, corset mini dress. For each item underpants of different forms are suggested. 


And FITS EVERYBODY line was enriched by the familiar pieces in new shades. 

Unlike the typical, basic and nude Skims clothes, the new items, more exquisite and frank, are performed in pastel, gentle and floral shades. 


This vibe goes along with Sabrina Carpenter's feminine but practical style, which she has been building for several years. The girl claims that she wears Skims in her day-to-day life. She liked a peach bodysuit and a pink lace top the most from the new drop. 

Collaboration with Sabrina Carpenter is a smart step made by SKIMS. The majority of her fan base consists of people of the younger generation, whose attention Kim Kardashian strives to achieve. The brand owner praises Sabrina for her fashion sense and sincere attitude towards people. 

Sabrina has previously worked with singer Rihanna's lingerie brand - she took part in Savage x Fenty's 2021 show.

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