Secrets of Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion dictates its own rules and sometimes it changes so quickly that it is impossible to keep up with all the latest trends. But nowadays, the blind pursuit of trends is not valued in society. On the contrary, responsible and thoughtful approach to creating your own image is appreciated. In this article we will tell you about what a capsule wardrobe is and why it can become your main assistant in creating your own style.

What is a capsule wardrobe?
In very simple terms, a capsule wardrobe is when each piece of clothing is combined with several others. Thus, if with a certain minimum of things you can compose several different images at once. Surely, each of us has a thing in our wardrobe (a blouse or a skirt - it doesn’t matter) that we simply don’t have anything to wear with. And then, in addition to this one thing, we have to purchase shoes, accessories and outerwear to create an integral image. So, with careful planning and compilation of capsule wardrobe, this situation will never happen. Most of the things in your closet will be perfectly combined with each other, while people around will not even notice that you are walking in the same.

Why do we need it?

The protests in London against the Fashion Week once again demonstrate to us the importance of conscious consumption. And making a capsule wardrobe is directly related to this, because this is the first step to a conscious approach to the acquisition of clothing and accessories, a more responsible approach to creating your own image. However, respect for the environment is not the only advantage of capsule wardrobe. This is a saving of budget, space and own efforts. There is no need to break through a bunch of things every morning to choose what you will wear today. You will already have solid ready-made outfits for every day and for every occasion.

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Isn't it boring?

No, because the capsule wardrobe does not consist exclusively of black and white things: it always contains colored sweaters, accessories and other bright accents. In the perfect capsule wardrobe there will be things, firstly, suitable for you by color type, and secondly, combined with each other in color and shades. To find out if the two colors suit each other, you can use the color wheel. However, at the first stage of building the capsule wardrobe, it is better to choose 2-3 primary colors that you will adhere to.

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How to build a capsule wardrobe?
We turn to the most important and interesting question: how to make up your capsule wardrobe? First of all, you will need to focus on your lifestyle. For example, if your work has a strict dress code, then in your wardrobe there will be more items of clothing in the style of business casual. However, in most cases, the rules for creating a capsule wardrobe will be approximately the same. We’ll give you the bare minimum of things to show you a couple of examples of what a capsule wardrobe might look like.

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It’s suddenly fall outside! 🍂 Has the weather changed yet where you are? With the change I’ve been doing a bit of fall wardrobe planning. I like to start with my favourites; my typical ‘uniform’ is a tee and jeans, and for colder weather I normally swap out the tee for a cozy sweater. Here it is three different ways! . I’m about to start working on a blog post or video detailing my process for planning my seasonal capsules. What would you want to see or what questions would you have? Let me know in the comments! . . . . . #slowsimplestyle #capsulewardrobe #minimalism #slowfashion #slowfashionstyle #buylesschoosewell #madetolast #haulternative #simplestyle #sustainablestyle #sustainablefashion #consciousfashion #shopconsciously #dressresponsibly #wearyourcloset #styleinspo #basicstyle #basiccloset #outfitrepeater #basicwardrobe #dailyuniform #lovedclotheslast #shopyourwardrobe #fewerbetter #aquietstyle #positivelyminimal

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Plain blouse. A fairly obvious option, which is combined with many things. You can compose a large number of images from office to everyday stile with the simplest blouse. This is our must-have.

Turtleneck. An indispensable piece of clothing for the colder season. It can be combined with a jacket, cardigan, vest or sleeveless jacket. It is worn both with skirts and with trousers and jeans. The turtleneck should be in color (it is better to choose calm, pastel shades) and from good material.

Jeans. For a capsule wardrobe it is better to choose the simplest jeans - without scuffs, holes and staves. Solid color jeans will go well with t-shirts, pullovers and blouses and are suitable for casual and smart casual looks. The simpler the jeans will be cut, the more convenient it will be to combine them with other wardrobe items.

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Skirt. The skirt should be chosen according to the figure. Again, it is better to let it be of a simple cut: ruffles and layering for capsule wardrobe are hardly suitable. Solid color and lack of prints are also welcome.

Footwear. Everything here will vary depending on the time of year. Sneakers, comfortable ballet flats or loafers are a great option for spring or early fall. Shoes with low heels must also be present in the capsule wardrobe, but without studs or shoes on a high platform it is quite possible to do at least for the first time.

Accessories. These are your main assistants, and here you can give vent to imagination and passion for color. Bright scarves with prints can transform your image beyond recognition. See how the same white blouse with scarves of different colors will look different! You will also need three bags - a small clutch bag, a medium-sized bag (for everyday wear) and a large bag (for a laptop or travel).

Some clothing manufacturers have recently begun to produce separate collections for capsule wardrobe. An example can be seen in the photo.

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Share your thoughts on this topic. Do you need a capsule wardrobe at all? Have you tried to build it yourself?

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