Shoes 2019. What to wear in the summer?

The new season for dandies is held under the auspices of "everything is in fashion" and "wear what you like." In fashion, perhaps, really, a lot, but still the trends from season to season either change, or at least change. In this article we will talk about the most current trends in the shoe industry. Square cape Square cape quite a while did not fall into the field of view of designers. But on the street of adherents of minimalism the holiday has come: finding the perfect pair will no longer be difficult, because the assortment is responsible for both heavy artillery in the face of Celine and Balenciaga, and the young popular brands - By Far, Miista, Totême, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and others. Pointed shoes The alternative was the other extreme - a very sharp and long cape. Even with the usual boats - the generally accepted classics - the nose has become more exaggerated and noticeable. Sneakers In the modern world it is very difficult to imagine a girl or a boy who does not have a pair of comfortable sneakers in the wardrobe. Fashion trends of this year dictate completely new rules, now brighter and more stylish sneakers are considered to be the best shoes. In comparison with last year, fashion trends have undergone significant changes. Habitual for all, suede and leather have faded into the background, now soft, openwork and airy fabrics are considered relevant. Mühli Heels This season mules on heels return to the wardrobes of all fashionistas, and this is really a triumphant event. In the heat, instead of the usual sandals, we suggest wearing them. Accent heel The status of the heel is increasingly seeking a work of art and in fact acts as an independent accessory. Cylinders, trapezoids and other geometric shapes surprise no one. Sculptural fantasy variations are used, without which, for example, no Jacquemus collection can do. Almost transparent invisible straps Phoebe Failo still doesn’t give rest to fashion designers: one of the main hits of her latest collection for Céline were sandals with the thinnest leather jumper straps that held onto her leg, it seems, against the laws of physics. Inspired by her example, Alessandro Del Aqua, Sonia Rykiel and Glenn Martens created their variations on the theme. Animal print The animal print that captured the minds of fashionistas of the whole world did not bypass the shoes. By the way, a pair of leopard (as well as python, tiger or zebra) boats, loafers or ankle boots is the easiest way to try on an animal print without the risk of over.

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