Style Lessons: How to Choose Earrings According to Face Type

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This season, earrings - one of the most fashionable jewelry, they set the mood for the whole look. However, when choosing the right pair, follow not only fashion and your desires. Earrings should fit your face type.

Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace spring-summer 2020

Tiny stud earrings, small pearls, or any other earrings whose scope doesn’t go beyond the ear lobe, will work for all, the point is only in the style and appropriateness. When it comes to any jewelry in the ears larger than a bead, you should be careful.

If you have a round face without obvious cheekbone line, you shouldn’t wear clip-on earrings and large, voluminous earrings. But extra-long earring, hanging from the earlobes, will fit you and conceal the softness of the shape of the cheeks. With an oval, long face, on the contrary, long earrings don’t work, but massive, heavily hanging from the ears, can be very useful.

A wide, square jaw line should be visually lifted. In this case, clips are a great option. Hoop earrings or any other thin but rigid hanging elements carry the attention from the chin to the ears, and then to the eyes. It sounds pretty weird, but it works. Just try to imagine how the young lady with a wide jaw line wears those earrings and adds emphasis to her eyes with makeup. Looking at her, the person is hooked over a thin, glittering earrings, but it’s impossible to focus on the ears forever, and he brings his attention to the eyes of our heroine. Done!

Illustrator — Ekaterina Ivanova

A triangular face with sharp cheekbones, a sharp jaw line and narrow chin is literally made for massive and diverse earrings, as well as a face in the form of a "heart". Usually, long earrings can help to visually lengthen the neck. If the neck is not too long, but it’s thin, long earrings can effectively emphasize and pull it. But if you don't have a long neck and body with a soft transition from the chin, then long earrings will only make the situation worse.

Earrings like to show off, they want to be seen and, therefore, prefer gathered, but not loose hair, especially going down the shoulders.


First of all, earrings don’t have to be a set with all the other jewelry and even with each other. A set of jewelry in the spirit of "earrings — pendant — ring — bracelet" looks boring and even pompous, so break up the kits and don't be afraid of bold combinations. Asymmetry can be an interesting technique in choosing earrings. Let them be different! One is tiny, and the second is huge. Or you may live the only one! But which one? Don’t worry, earrings are no longer a pair.

Nowadays, some girls are making many holes in one ear. But you should remember the fact that excessively pierced ears have never been fashionable and have always been associated with aesthetic rebellion rather than style, as well as all kinds of piercings, punctures, tunnels in ears and stuff. All this is rather the provocation and the manifest.

By the way, according to vintage or clips, they are better than any other items of jewelry from Granny's jewelry box, fit into the modern looks. Vintage brooches or necklaces require a special approach and special outfit, but the earrings or clips, especially if they are from famous brands, can completely live on you without special preparation. Vintage clip-on earrings in the spirit of Chanel, Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent of the 70-80’s are timeless classics that can become a part of a variety of looks: from the casual (in contrast) to glam-chic.


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